Back to Reality NOT


Well the partying couldn’t go on forever, Marsh went back to his part-time directorships Penguino went off to his retreat, Melody and Suki stayed on in Greece to take in the culture they said, more like the wine I thought. Me and Rocksey returned home with nothing planned or so I thought.

After a couple of days lazing around and strumming his guitar (were still on the same song by the way) Rocksey announced “were off” where I squawked back at him. Spain ! !! !  why Spain?. I’ve arranged a few solo gigs there just low-key 20 to 30 people max he said. But you only know 2 songs and neither of them are perfect and you don’t even know all the lyrics to them, you can’t go and humm your way through. I have to admit i was a touch concerned in Rockseys eyes he was a far better guitarist than he actually was and yes he could get away with mumbling the lyrics to his own songs  but not to the classics he was proposing.

Two days later my bags were packed “wheres your bags” I asked Rocksey ?, “here” was the response WHERE I shouted back. Proudly Rocksey showed me his old school satchel “here”. “you’ve got to be joking ” I retorted “no” here is my BAG! !. Well don’t come complaining to me in a few days when you stink and even I wont come within 10 yards of you.

The first few days were just fine hot sunshine, azul blue skies, and great people. Rocksey had surpassed himself with the early organisation and even the first show was good, the people seemed to enjoy it and Rocksey certainly did. “Its far more intense” he said  just me and the people non of that stage show, fireworks and lights this is far better.

it wasn’t long before we had it the south of Spain (an area I knew very well) we’d taken up residence in one of Rockseys Spanish friends villas Rocksey was playing in the local bars and I was just touring around. I’m off to Granada for a few days I told Rocksey, Ok see you when you get back. Now this was unusual Rocksey normally likes to know when and where, who and how when a trip is organised but this time not a question. I have to admit I wasn’t so sure about going now. But off I went “see you in three days I called” “bye have a great time” was the reply. out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Rocksey sprinting out towards the terrace. no time to investige now my driver had turned up and off I went.

Now what happened next is Rockseys version of events so belive what you might.A few phone calls later and Marsh and Penguino were both on their way to meet Rocksey. Rocksey had now realised that his guitar playing wasnt the best and required the silken skills of Penguino but why Marsh that I couldn’t work out.

Man hugs were handed out as soon as Penguino and Marsh arrived and the beers were opened. “whats the plan” Penguino enquired. “latin speaking countries” there’s a massive market out there and together we can take it. Also we start tonight here’s the song list, Rocksey handed the list to Penguing. Penguino looked back at Rocksey and said “is this the right list” yep was the reply. No problem Penguino replied. Senor Penguino could play just about any song and if he couldn’t he could produce a tune which was just as good. When tonight in the harbour was the response a small venue 30 to 40 max  it will be great but before lets clear these beers. Now Marsh perked up at the sound of beer as the temperature was now in the high 30’s. What do I do asked Marsh you’ve got your tambourine like I asked, “yep” dont i need to know what songs and where I play? not really its all by ear Rocksey replied. This had marsh slightly concerned but as another beer had made its way into his hand all worries soon disappeared.

The sweltering day slid into the early evening and Rocksey and Penguino were getting ready Rocksey still living out of his tiny bag and recycling as much as he could. Penguino had borrowed a guitar from the local store, with the proviso he signed the guitar and spent a few hours in the store the following day. Marsh was still laying beside the Pool, Come on marsh were off.

The shout startled Marsh awake and he sprung into action dashing towards the car, you’re not changing he was asked. I’ve got some things in my bag “let’s go”. Rocksey was sat next to Marsh in the car and he could feel the heat coming off Marsh. You going to ne ok tonight he enquired. Unusual for Rocksey to be concerned but Marsh usually was the colour of milk and now he was slowley turning the colour of a tomato.

In through the back door they went. The three Amigos as they had billed themselves bundled themselves towards the stage. Rocksey stopped them and handed Marsh some castanets “what are these” Marsh asked “you’ll need them was the reply and with that the curtains opened Penguino started immediately the crowd loved him straight away slick and professional then Rocksey, not bad by all accounts carrying off LOLA almost note perfect. By now the sun and beer had caught up with Marsh and for the first couple of songs he was great in time and even pushing the song were required, but while Rocksey was doing his inter song chats Marsh kept on having a sip or two from the drinks provided. Rocksye and Penguino sipped water. By the fifth song Marsh seemed to have disappeared Rocksey looked at penguino and Penguino shrugged. Then night drew to a close rapturous applause echoed around the venue as they left the stage. Rocksey announced as they left the stage “clothes shopping tomorrow” I can’t keep wearing the same stuff. Music shop for me tomorrow Penguino replied, he never broke a promise. Marsh would be staying in bed as he was found slumped behind the door between the frame and the toilet. Hard to see as he was now the colour of the tiles and blended in quite well.

The usual words “never again” were uttered by Marsh. Penguino said “he’s not to bad” on percussion is he I might have a gig or two for him when we get back. “just keep him away from the beer” Rocksey said, not even a couple.

The following morning Rocksey and Penguino sat back on the terrace beer in hand betting on what time Marsh would appear, Marsh who had been taken to A&E last night with sunstroke and alcohol poisoning, it appears the drink marsh kept sipping till he started slipping was 80% proof, and the doctor had informed him no alcohol for 5 days and no sun either. What am I supposed to do Marsh asked I’m in Spain and I can’t go in the sun or have a Beer? Penguino and Rocksey full of sympathy shouted back at Marsh “were off to the beach to catch a few rays and a beer or two see ya later”……






Rocksey had been in his studio every day for the last two weeks, when suddenly he appeared by the pool “I’ve found them” found what I asked ?.  the lost recordings. The recordings I made before I quit the band. Now Rocksey had been fed up with all the touring and Media for some time now and the lack of help from the rest of the band finally got to him and he just walked pout before a show in Montreal. The last the band saw of him, was him trudging off into the night jacket collar turned up head down battling through the snow, leaving only his fading footsteps behind which quickly disappeared as the heavy snow filled them.

Now Rocksey had been recording the shows for weeks but as per usual he couldn’t remember where or how he’d saved them or what format he’d used. It turns out the last two weeks have been spent going through one by one all the files on Rockseys Hard drives and he has a few of them.

I’ve found them I’ve found them he said doing a little jig, I raised my sunglasses and looked at him and trying to sound a little enthused “oh that’s good”  could you get me another glass of wine this ones empty. Rocksey sprang off in the direction of the kitchen and soon returned with my rather full glass. The last recording ever he said I’m off to the studio don’t disturb me.

And with that he disappeared. I knew from past experience he could be gone for some days even weeks if I was lucky. Rocksey sees himself as producer, Engineer and whole band !!  Singer and show man he can get away with he can play a simple tune on a guitar but producer and engineer I will see.

lost recordings

The sun came and  went, the bottles of wine full then empty long conversations with Melody & Suki started and finished. I decided I’d better go and check on him, Forcing the door to the studio open I was greeted by Rocksey dancing (I use the word dancing very loosely)  more like a fish on dry land  flapping to get back to water. “Hows it going ?”…. Going ! ! Going he replied its DONE and its fantastic  just listen. now even for Rocksey the room was a mess and he had to push bottles and glasses out of the way to get to the recording desk . Finally he hit play “live recording” he shouted above the opening bars of the first track, as he carried on he dance.

after listening to all 6 tracks I had to admit it did sound damn good. How did you manage to get such a good sound I asked, half expecting him to say he’d had help from Senor Penguino but no the shout was YOUTUBE 3 days of watching YOUTUBE then 2 days work 1 day of midi drums replacing each beat so they are all the same strength the mastering and touching up the vocals.

“PHONE” Suki and Penguino here I’ve got the melody and structure of the next six songs worked out but need his musical genius to actually turn them into songs also phone Melody get Marsh here I will need his Percussion skills and tell him to bring his own triangle i have a use for it on one of the songs.

With a wry smile I dashed towards the phone Suki and Melody will love the fact that the men will be gone for days now if Rocksey has his way, and judging by the number of bottles of JD that there were in the studio fridge it was going to be a long session. Me, Suki and Melody settled back into our seats and fastened our belts as the plane taxied out on to the runway, “what do you think they will get completed” asked Suki “who cares” replied Melody “NEW YORK” here we come!! ! ! !

It turns out with the help of Senor Penguino Rocksey actually managed to get another six tracks down and to my surprise they weren’t anything like I’d expected. Rocksey had now six more songs of different genre Marsh had the worse head he’d ever had and he’d even lost his triangle, but yes you could clearly hear it on the track Rocksey had promised.

Phone the record company Rocksey shouted tell them I’m on my way.. this is gonna be bigger than the Beatles and Stones put together.  With that Rocksey and Penguino jumped into the car and with a screech of tyres and a cloud of dust they were gone. “Shall I get you a taxi” I asked Marsh “no thanks just a coffee” was the whispered reply.


Later that night I was awoken by a phone call and Rocksey and Penguino singing down the phone “its out in four weeks, its out in four weeks” then with the sound of clinking glasses the phone went dead and they were gone…

Four weeks later the album was released and Rocksey and Penguino were back on the media trail promoting the album around the world Marsh kept saying he was joining them but never showed up, the thought of all the drinking put him off somewhat. Well at least it gets me Suki and Melody some quite time… and shopping time PARIS here we come ! ! ! ! ! ! .

Marsh finally joined them both on the final night in London and again regretted it the next morning “Never again Never again they are both Idiots they don’t know when to stop” he croaked. The worst thing about what Marsh said was it was true they didn’t know when to stop and the even worse thing is Rocksey NEVER has had a Hangover no matter what. So the next day he is unbearably happy and loud with just a mildly upset stomach which we all have to suffer and I do mean SUFFER……..







Celebrating English Eccentricity 

Melody had been looking forward to attending the Euro Trash spectacle of the year in Ukraine for months now and Marsh had been plucking up the courage to tell her he didn’t want to go, not because he didn’t appreciate Euro pop songs ( he does have several Venga Boys albums in his vast collection Rocksey told me )  he was scared to death of  Russians ( particularly after an incident in Dubai with a Russian Prostitute called Olga which ended up with Marsh parting with a serious amount of cash for a ‘night to remember’ but as he drank so many zambuca shots he woke  up with a headache that lasted for 2 weeks and a nasty little rash which even a hefty course of Anti-biotics couldn’t shift). Although Melody told him ( patiently at first and then with less diplomacy) that the Ukraine was not now part of Russia and that no one was going to poison him with an umbrella tip or throw him from the top floor of a multi-storey car park –  he point blankly refused to go . Melody thus stormed off with her best Euro gay friend in tow threatening Divorce at every step on to the private plane ( laid on by the book publishers who were also celebrating Melody’s latest ‘who dunnit’ shifting over a million copies –  funnily enough the main plot of the thriller was based on a Russian Protitute living in Dubai…..there’s nothing as strange as fiction mirroring real life I mused whilst watching Marsh scratch absent-mindedly whilst discussing his change of plans with Rocksey).

Rocksey and I had been invited to a different event on Saturday, no less glamorous than Eurovision, it was the 12th National Dance event held in our City which was a celebration of English Eccentricity – or a union of Morris Men and Women descending on the City and dancing their little bells, clogs and sticks off to the amusement of locals and tourists alike. Since the finding of King Richard III in a car park in the town and his subsequent internment at the cathedral, the City has become a tourist attraction second to only London and Oxford on the Japanese tourist circuit. As Rocksey is ( still) a bit of a celebrity figure in the Far East he can be found strutting his peacock suit around the City walls smiling , pouting or growling for a million selfies with grinning Japanese tourists and appearing on as many Instagram feeds.

However, today was different as Rocksey was going to be a Judge of the dancing and leaving the actualities of the dancing to those who actually know what they are doing. –  a stick the size and weight of a baseball bat and some intricate steps needs practice in order not to bash your partners head in with it after a ballet style twirl! Rocksey was collecting material for his forthcoming video – a cover of Grand Funk Central’s ‘American Band’ and wanted some fresh ideas for incorporation into the video.  As we headed off to watch the merriment, me pulling Rocksey towards a group of Border Morris dancers who looked intriguing with their pheasant strewn hats and purple and black attire, I caught sight of SP and Suzy amongst the crowd.  SP looked suspiciously like he was wearing a white Morris dancers costume ( although it could have just been a white cat suit – he had suddenly got heavily into wearing 1970’s style clothes and it was Eurovision day after all perhaps it was his homage to Abba? ).

The afternoon progressed, Rocksey soon tired of moving around the different areas where the dancers were dotted around the centre of town and settled himself on a bench by the Cathedral where each group of dancers eventually ended up before the final ‘Dance Off’ in the Jubilee Square. My enthusiasm held no bounds though and armed with my camera I left Rocksey to it and moved around the town snapping pic and after pic of the most bizarre people I could find-  however in in mind,  I had decided to be the main Sleuth in Melody’s latest Thriller and was actually trying to track down the suspisiously dressed SP.

At 4pm the dancers congregated in the main square ready for the judging and the final Dance off. Before the winners were announced, we were given an impromptu dance of men bizarrely dressed as animals, dragons and other mythical creatures whose costumes glittered in the afternoon sunshine. Again, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the white cat suit now ensconced underneath a black cloak with a glittering gold lining. A tap on my shoulder and Suky was by my side. What’s going on? She asked lookingwide eyed in amazement at the dragons breathing fire at several pantomime horses. As I told her, her eyes got wider and a look of horror crossed her face. Rocksey is doing the judging shhhh I said nodding over in his direction where Rocksey was sat on a small throne with the City Mayor and the Master of ceremonies flanking his sides.

Oh no , oh no I heard her whisper to herself and looking frantically around- What? I stage whispered back and then following her gaze found myself watching SP taking his place  in the centre of 7 Morris men all dressed in white with bells around their knees and hankies held aloft ready to start their dance. SP was not dressed as a homage to Abba as I first thought, but with a black wig on and rhinestone sunglasses  he was actually dressed as Elvis. What does he think he’s doing? I nudged Suky and then glanced over to Rocksey -oblivious to the debacle unfolding in front of him , he was chatting amicably to the chaps in purple and black who I had chased around after earlier.  He thought it was Rocksey directing his video –  for American Band – Rocksey told him he wanted some Elvis impersonators in it, Suky stuttered as the accordian started up  – SP saw lots of men in white costumes and thought that Rocksey had hired in an Elvis impersonation contingent……….As SP shrugged off his black and gold cloak revealing the biggest ruby studded leather belt around his hips which he was about to start swaying , I automatically pressed the record button on my camera catching him starting off his first hip shake before suddenly realising that his fellow dancers were not going to join in a line dance of Jailhouse Rock but a full bodied Floral Dance with hankies a fluttering, SP howled and dashed off into the melange of dragons and mythical creatures who had set up a stand on the other side of the Square selling mystical paraphernalia. I don’t think anyone has noticed – I hiss at Suky, Rocksey certainly hadn’t, although he was now sitting on the throne withe most enormous hat of pheasant feathers and skulls adorninghis head smiling and waving his hands in regal formation.

After the final of the dance off and the winners revealed, Rocksey saunters over sans said hat ( which had been reclaimed by its rightful owner), I have my ideas all wrapped up fro my video – he grins excitedly, the Morris men have agreed to dance for it but I still need an Elvis  –  not sure where I am going to get one from though or how it’ll work. Don’t worry babe, I say pointing at my Nikon bag – its in the bag…….

A Night at the Opera


Well I’d been telling Rocksey that we were going to the opera for weeks, but as usual it went in one ear and out of the other. But now the night was upon us and I told Rocksey Loud and clear that tonight we were going to the opera. As per usual Rocksey heard only what he wanted i.e “night at the opera” which turned out to be a favourite film of Rockseys.

Now even I didn’t expect what came dashing down the stairs singing “free free Fredonia land of the brave and free” only Rocksey dressed up as a cross between Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx. Now I was shocked at the enthusiasm that was being displayed as Rocksey normally has to be dragged screaming to a night of culture but this time he seemed strangely over enthusiastic as  he dashed passed me and jumped in to the car “come on hurry up” he shouted we don’t want to miss the start. Now I was getting concerned Rocksey not wanting to miss the start ! ! ! . Normally he sleeps through the first act and only really wakes up to catch the heroine die at the last act. But no this time we were going to be early and he was a keen as a child on Christmas eve.

I’ve been practising for this, Rocksey announced as he leapt from the car, the tails of his evening jacket flowing in the breeze as he bounded towards the venue. I was now WORRIED Rocksey had never shone this interest in the opera before. As I entered the building I gave the tickets to the usher who was going to show me to the box where we would view the performance from and also asking what champagne we would like bringing up to the box ?, I stopped him and asked if he’d seen a strangely dressed man run into the building in front of me, Yes he replied, he ran into the toilets shouting that you had his ticket.

I was led to the box and settled in and awaited the return of Rocksey. I sipped on the Krug and wondered where on earth Rocksey could have got to. Now from the box i had a wonderful view of the entire auditorium and slowly took in the whole event. When out of the corner of my eye I spotted a strangely dressed man hair slicked back, Big black drawn on moustache and black rimmed glasses being pursued by 4 ushers while he sang “free free Fredonia land of the brave and free” now this was attracting the attention of many of the theater  goers that evening. I watched as the stranger gave the ushers the slip only to emerge from behind a curtain. He walked slowly in the opposite direction to the chasing ushers, Now above the chatter of the crowd I could now catch his voice and to my HORROR I recognised it, Rocksey NO ! ! ! ! ! ! — yes he thought we were going to a Marx Brothers convention Hence the enthusiasm and his outfit he’d turned up as Groucho, and in his best Groucho impression (which is rubbish to say the least) travelled through the stalls quoting Groucho at the top of his voice.


It wasnt long before the ushers finally cornered Rocksey and before they ejected him out in the street I managed to save the day. He’s with me I called m(much to my embarrassment) Now after a severe dressing down from the management Rocksey was returned to my care and he slumped into the chair. Glass in hand he said “so I guess it’s not a Marx reunion”. What did you say to them ladies downstairs “you don’t want to know ” he replied oh and can you get some BEER sent up this champagne isn’t for me tonight.

Beer in hand feet up on the balustrade Rocksey settled in for his sleep as the opera commenced. After much apologising to the management and everyone seeming to see the funny side of things  we returned home. Only for Rocksey to login to his account and bring up the entire film history of the Marx brothers I knew it was going to be a long night “next time I think I’ll go as Chico” he said as the opening credits rolled and Rocksey sang “free free Fredonia” whilst doing his Groucho walk. Time for bed I think.


Hutch V Marsh


Well Hutch was most disappointed with Marsh and his drunken stupor after 4 pints the other night, that this time he was going to make sure Marsh stayed the distance and SUFFERED as well…

Not only did Hutch write books but he also grew chillies hundreds of different types and had been trying to perfect the worlds hottest chilli. Now Marsh thought that Heinz spicy relish was Hot enough and anything else was just plain foolish, Especially after the time at Rockseys where Marsh had ignored the warnings of Rocksey  “don’t take a bite of the chilli” and proceeded to bite off a pea sized chunk. Marsh spent just over an Hour in the toilet sure he was going to die and emerged finally to a round of applause from all in the room and whiter than Casper the ghost shouting “you tried to kill me ” .

Well Hutch thought he could go one better, as he missed out on the fun last time. Him and Marsh had a day sailing around the island on Hutche’s yacht and drinking a few beers, when marsh announced it was betting time. Now if you’ve followed this post you’ll know Marsh see himself as a bit of a gambler (all be it not very good) Now Hutch didnt gamble but went along with it. colour of the next boat around the headland stated marsh ok sighed Hutch Blue marsh said, Hutch knowing 90% of the boats around were white plumped for the colour of choice, 15 minutes later Hutch was one up and Marsh had a shot of vodka in his hand. Now hutch lined up various size glasses on the table and poured vodka into each and each losing bet ment you went to the next size glass…

This had Marsh a little concerned but he thought he must be able to beat Hutch the non betting man.. next bet Marsh said decade the next song on the Radio is from and chose 2000’s now Hutch couldnt belive his look as they were listening to absolute 90’s and chose the 90’s and yes Hutch won again. After losing 2 more bets and feeling rather Drunk Marsh changed the stakes to eating now marsh didn’t know but the only FOOD on the yacht was a delivery of California Reaper Chillies Hutch was delivering the next day.

Whats the Bet Hutch asked . Hmmmmm Marsh thought and shouted the result of the football game being shown on the tv ok said Hutch, now hutch wasnt to concerned if he lost the bet as he could just about eat one of the chillies, painful but he could just handle it. Now Marsh thought has he had 1st choice he couldn’t lose Chelsea V Palace it had to be Chelsea all the way he shouted and doing a celebratory jig on the deck and shouting WINNER WINNER Hutch’es eating DINNER,…….  Now Hutch didnt think he had much chance either but you never know, and yes Palace WON 2-1 which had Hutch doing the same dance as Marsh but with a bit more style and panache. Now Marsh was looking a slight bit worried (more terrified) at the prospect and offered to down the largest glass full of vodka in 1 as a trade-off, No said hutch its the chilli a whole chilli.

Marsh sorted through and chose the smallest he could find  was about the size of a grape. Now Hutch had his phone ready and counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 EAT. Marsh put the chilli in his mouth and bit down, fearing the worst but instead it was fruity and actually quite nice so marsh chomped away. 10 seconds had passed before Marsh suddenly froze and you could watch the colour drain from him, just like someone had opened a tap in his ankle and all the blood had left his body. Do something he screamed at Hutch who by now was rolling around on the deck clutching his sides and Marsh ran back and forth looking for relief. Marsh saw a Pitcher of water No shouted Hutch But to late Marsh was gulping on the water. Hutch knew water only made it worse. Now Marsh was the same colour as the chilli by now and desperately seeking anything diary as Hutch had managed to inform him in between his screams and sobbing also knowing the nearest dairy products wer 3 miles away in the local shop. Marsh was going to have to man this one out. Now Marsh’s version of manning it out was to go and lock himself in the boats toilets for the next 2 hours wishing that the world would suddenly end to finish his pain.


All marsh could mumble on their way back to port was Chelsea Chelsea WHY, whilst Hutch whistled a sea shanty and wondering if the video of Marsh’s meltdown would go viral.



Well Marsh had decided to visit his old mucker Hutch. Now hutch had been Marshe’s best Buddy back in the day and many a tale could be told about there antics, but today I’ll stick to this visit.

A brief background on Hutch first. Hutch had always seen himself as an aspiring author and after his big win on the lottery he’d moved to the Isle of Wight in a large house overlooking the marina. To keep his eye on his yacht we all thought. Now we all laughed about Hutch writing because he had the mastery of English grammar the same as an Assyrian Goat herder. But 5 successful books down the line it was Hutch who was laughing, but i digress.

Now when Marsh was organising this trip Hutch informed him that due to heightened security Marsh would and I quote “need his passport Euros and vaccination card”. Now this had marsh in a panic and the rest of us in fits of laughter .Marsh claimed that because the Isle of Wight wasnt connected to the mainland it wasnt part of the UK, (intelligence never a strong point with Marsh) and he visited a stunned doctor to get his shots before travel.

On arrival Hutch had the day/evening all planned, they would start on Hutches yacht before hitting the harbour bars where Hutch was well known for drinking till the sun came up. When seated on the deck of the yacht hutch brought Marsh a couple of bottles of sol “Cheers matey” this is going to be a long night. This is what Marsh had been dreading, he had hoped hutch had mellowed over all the years but NO Hutch was as loud and in your face as ever about the same as a shell fired from a Tiger 2 tank. “There’s no limes in my sol” shouted Marsh “I don’t do fruit in my drinks” was Hutch’s response. if you want fruit go to one of them poncey wine bars and have a cocktail, we’ll start on the beers and progress as the night goes on .

Two bars later and 4 beers later Marsh thought (as per usual) he could take on the world and how he was also the winner of strictly come dancing, showing off his moves to the latest Tinie tempah song, he looked more like Bambi on Ice.

Hutch turned to look out over the harbour only to hear a loud thud behind him, spinning around he saw NOTHING ! ! ! Until his eyes dropped to floor level there was MArsh in his normal position unconscious and drunk as a skunk.

Hutch summoned the bar staff to drag Marsh into the back room to sleep his 2 bottles and 4 small beers off while Hutch would as per normal continue the party till the early hours. NOTHING will ever change with hard drinking Marsh Nothing will change Hutch thought to himself as he watched the sun sink below the horizon while sipping another whiskey…




Well before you all ask who when where…. It was last night and the English Premier league Champions Leicester city Took on Sevilla for a place in the last eight of the champions league.

Rocksey had invited Marsh to the ground to watch the game as Rocksey knew Marsh was a life long fan and normally watched from the stands, but this time Rocksey was taking him to a Private Box with Beer, Food and a view to die for.

Rocksey & Marsh arrive 2 hours before the game, which is quite normal as there is the meal, tour and beer to drink before kick off. Now marsh is into gambling and will bet on anything Rocksey dabbles but isn’t that interested really. As they arrive at the ground Marsh says “I’ll bet ya Vardy scores tonight” Rocksey just ignores this opening gambit from Marsh and carries on walking towards the held open door, beckoning to Marsh to hurry up.

Sitting down in the private box Marsh shouts “bet she’s a blond” WHAT !! !! responds Rocksey, the waitress says Marsh “I bet she’s a blond”, now Rocksey know that the waitress for this box is a brunette, and decides this could be fun. Ok he says but no money just a drink on each bet “YOUR ON” shouts marsh as his whole face lights up like a child on christmas morning, and yes when the waitress come in she is a brunette, your drink Marsh as Rocksey hands him a rather large JD and Coke, thinking if he see the whole game out it will be a miracle.

Kick off arrives and its a bit tense and a bit niggley with lots of fouls in the game. The next bet from Marsh was the next team to foul and of course Marsh chose Seville and yes it was Leicester so another drink was handed to Marsh, and so this went on until half time with Marsh’s bets getting more and more obscure and weird.  Now marsh was losing the bets about two to one and Marsh isnt know for big drinking and was looking a bit worse for wear when Rocksey suggested a bet “Vardey Not to score” now Marsh is a big Vardey fan and as City were the dominant team and up 1 – 0 he said yes “but well increase the stakes a TUMBLER FULL OF JD” and your on. well the match went on and yes City scored again and no more bets were placed. Schmeichel saved a PENALTY. Only 2 Minutes left and Rocksey sunk his head in his hands Vardey through only the Goal Keeper to Beat Marsdh was bouncing around the Room like an over active child on SPEED,” GO ON GO ON” he yelled score and with that Vardey pulled the trigger and the ball soared high and wide of the goal, Marsh collapsed to his knees and Rocksey now was the powerball jumping pointing and shouting “DRINK DRINK DRINK”

Now Marsh isnt one to welsh from a bet and reluctantly takes the glass in both hands sniffs the drink then in one its gone .

The Game finishes and Leicester 2 – 0 Sevilla, Leicester are through to the last eight in the champions league Marsh is still standing much to the AMAZEMENT of Rocksey and they both set forth for the exit.Rocksey still cannot belive that Marsh is walking, talking and seeming as normal as Marsh ever could. Now doubting that is was JD in the glass, But Rocksey poured the drink and sat it on the table and was sure it couldnt have been switched, He just shrugged his shoulders and thought Marsh at last can drink like the rest of us he’s become one of the group the Percussion player the tambourine man a party animal.


Again the door is opened for them and out into the cold night air they walked Rocksey talking to Marsh, after a few steps Rocksey realised that it was strangely quiet and turning swiftly around he saw this

Marsh flat-out on a bench Now this was the Marsh Rocksey Knew pissed as a fart, Unable to stand, asleep in the street,” Welcome back Marsh welcome back” he said.