Friday yoga – how do you empty your mind?

So today being friday its calm down the frenzy of the working week and hit the ground running for Rockseys weekend frenzy of gigging.

Friday morning starts off, for me anyway, with some deep stretching -a 45minute work out of slow stretching movements to release all the tension of the week and leaving me flexible of both mind and body for whatever the weekend is going to throw at me.

Half way through the dulcet tomes of my wonderful Canadian instructor, my mind starts to wander- not to Buddist fields of long grass or endless blue skies but of ordinary everyday thoughts, such as ‘whats that smell? Has the cat brought in another dead body which I have failed to find? when am I going to get to Sainsbury’s? What on earth am I going to wear tonight? What IS that smell?

Its hopeless, as much as I love practicing yoga on all levels I simply cannot attain those levels of highflying consciousness ( or should that be UNconsciousness) that I strive to find – is it just me? and can anyone please tell me  – WHAT is that smell?


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