An afternoon with Jack and Jim

Song writing is a serious business – or so Rocksey leads me to believe!
So Saturday afternoon starts with a rehearsal for next weeks gig and then a bout of song writing and making merry in the studio helped long with the bands good friends, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

In the meantime after my Friday evening out with the girls and a mild case of ‘too much Sancerre’, I retire to the sitting room with a pot of chocolate tea and Vintage TV.

Meanwhile, things are getting raucous in the studio – as Jack and Jim unleash their magic on the 4 band members – Mr Lucky, Senor Pinguino, Jack (no relation) Bennett and Rocksey.

Somehow along the course of the afternoon, a fragile embryo of a song finally emerges blinking into the world, Rockey struts his stuff in his best Vintage Mick Jagger routine pouting at his reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors of the dance studio and the rest of the guys do their best to upstage him with various solos and falsetto backing vocals to rival any of their favourite legendary heros.

Buoyed up by an afternoon and evening of male bonding, Rocksey pour himself onto the sofa with me about 10pm. Obviously feeling horney he cuddles up, purring like a cat , little kisses on my head, neck and shoulders. Hey Baby he slurs, lets go to bed………as I turn to look at him, he is already asleep………


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