first night nerves

Hi there, welcome to my Blog! It feels a little like the first day of a new job, or college, or walking into any room full of strangers, you want to get to know everyone but you want to hold a little bit back…what if they don’t like you? what if they do?
I want you to share in the everyday life of being the rockstars ( hmm 2nd) wife! Its not all glitz and glamour you know – well you’ll get to know!!So there’s me -Kitten ( maybe too old now to have that sweet nickname but it stuck), our 3 grown up children, Missy, The Baron and The Perpetual Student along with their partners, Dave, Dreads and GameBoy, ailing parents and of course my husband The Rockstar ( or Rocksey as he is now known as- now that we are all friends of course!) – not to mention the band themselves and their partners and families and a whole bunch of animals, strange friends, groupies and hangers-on and not forgetting The Witch, the Rockstars first wife, still living in the stately home like a black widow spider spreading her poison whereever she goes……..So watch this space for the sometimes trials and tribulations of being the Rockstars 2nd Wife……..


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