Mum…..this is Dave….Part 2

So Missy and Flossie were flying into Malaga on the last plane of the evening and it was now almost time to collect them from the airport.

It had been a gloriously hot day, the kind of day when there is a slight breeze and the sky is blue and the light so clear and dazzling. A day meant for sitting by the pool and taking a dip now and again and drinking cold beer and then putting on our glad rags and going out dancing.

Instead I sat clutching a now rather warm glass of JD and diet coke, ice long since melted staring blankly at the darkening night sky contempalting how I was going to react to seeing my lovely daughter with her latest love… a rather butch young lady called Flossie. Rocksey swirled the liquid in his glass and deliberated again half to himself…..I wonder if she’s a real lesbian…like in the films…..

The Baron and Dreads offered to drive to the airport to pick the girls up. Out of curiosity rather than being helpful. The Baron doesn’t do helpful.

The Band decided to go out and leave us to the family reunion alone.
Rocksey and I pottered around the villa and then sat on the terrace with a bottle of wine waiting……..

We heard them before we saw them. The Barons hire car blasting out with some Garage type tunes as it wound its way up the hillside to the villa. Rocksey and I look at each other. I’m not quite sure why I feel so upset perhaps because Missy had just expected her latest bombshell to be absorbed without any reverberating shockwaves or whether she had no problem falling in love with whoever took her fancy. I shouldn’t judge…Missy and I are very much alike but somehow this just felt ….well not quite right.

The Baron and Dreads were first up on the terrace. Dreads poured herself a glass of white wine and smiled broadly – he seems ok she said naively sitting down beside The Baron who was rolling what looked like a large spliff – you might need some of this -he grinned.

Rocksey was leaning over the terrace staring into the darkness punctuated only by lights from our distant neighbours – he was obviously preparing himself for a size 6 leggy blonde, all pouty lips and big boobs.

Mumma……..Missy was on me, kissing me on the head and hugging me close to her. I could smell her familiar perfume mixed with a more masculine scent. Missy Darling…I hugged her back pleased to see my beloved daughter- whilst trying to crane over her shoulder at the 6 foot hulk lurking in the shadows.

Mum …..this is Dave……she pushes Flossie into the light. Hello there says Flossie as she leans in for an awkward peck on the cheek. She smells like a man I think, why is Missy calling her Dave….?

A few drinks later and The Band are back. Rocksey is clearly more a ease and the drinks are flowing again. Dave has been drinking beer chatting away with Mr Lucky, both it appears are avid drummers – must be why she has such muscular arms I muse idly. Next tim eI glance over Mr Lucky is playing pool with the others, dave is no where to be seen, neither is Rocksey,

Missy is curled up like a kitten by my side. Why does she call herself Dave? I ask stroking her hair. Thats his name, missy murmers.

Suddenly Rocksey appears wild eyed running out from the villa looking frantically in mine and Missy’s direction. She’s got a cock he stage whispers pointing in the direction of the villa. She’s got a cock…a massive cock….

What? I look at Missy. Of course he has, Missy says patiently, Daves a bloke.

What? I grab Missy by the shoulder You told me …on the phone… had met a woman…..called Flossie… she not Dave? Is Dave not Flossie?

Missy grins mischeivously, ahh well you know me mumma, I met Flossie who introduced me to Dave and well Dave is so much my type. She jumps down off the sofa and goes off to find Dave ( of the massive cock). Rockesey snuggles down and wraps his arms around me …you see, he says stroking my hair, there was nothing to get so worked up about…..
and anyway, his cock might be massive but its not as big as mine……

Thank you for your wise words Rocksey, all is obviously still well in the world.


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