I am just a cowboy

A real time post ……
Rocksey and I are sitting in the garden with a fire going in the firepit. Its 7pm early September in England. Its not cold but its not warm either. We are on our 2nd bottle of Merlot Blush and the chickens are still out.

Thin Lizzy are playing on the ipad. Their track – I am just a cowboy- is playing as I type.

I have a thing about cowboys I say to Rocksey. I know he says. Now when I say I have a thing about cowboys, I’m not actually sure what real cowboys do now. My ‘thing’ about cowboys stems from 1940’s Western films, Brad Pitt (did he ever play a cowboy in a film? not sure, but I have a ‘thing’ about him too), and cowboy boots, which I love on both men and women. I’m not too keen on horses or cows though, but I do like a desert ( or is that a dessert?), big empty skies and bars. I also like Jack Daniels which I assume Cowboys like too.

I decide I would like to visit Texas. We have friends who live in Texas but they are not cowboys. They are lighting technicians Rocksey says -they do the lighting for our shows.

Do you know a pair of snakeskin Cowboy boots may take me back £1000? Its highly unlikely that these blue and sliver boots would ever have been any where near a Ranch, but I want them all the same. I research further into cowboys on my ipad. I realise I have a suede tan jacket (fringing optional), a plaid shirt, bootcut jeans and cowboy boots. Along with some large hoop earrings and ( perhaps) a corset I can be an English version of a modern day cow girl.

Rocksey hands me a T Shirt. Here he says, this is one of our designs, we sell them at our shows. They are your legs. That is your bum.

The photo accompanying this post is the T shirt. OK I may not be so zombified ( is that a word?) but the rest of it is pretty good. I am content to know that I may not ever meet my cowboy or ever be a cowgirl in real life but I do make a pretty good zombie cowgirl. BTW the girl in the photo is Emma J and not me.

I don’t use this blog for advertising but if you want a piece of me you can buy this T shirt from WWW.rabidapparel.bigcartel.com


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