Mr Lucky

Mr Lucky showed me a text message he got late last night from his next door neighbour.

Now the usual context of this blog is light hearted and ( I hope) quite funny and not too X rated or for the faint hearted.

The contents of the text were neither funny or light hearted. Actually if Mr Lucky had taken up the proposition of his neighbour he may have thought himself as very lucky indeed. Problem being his neighbours husband goes by the nickname of “machete mick’ and so Mr Lucky, decided to decline the kind offer extended , at 3am, by his neighbour who has (possibly) had too much to drink.

Mr Lucky then tells me his ex wife had also called him earlier in the week and made him an offer he did well to refuse.

Sherri is originally from Alabama. In that State they call a spade a spade. She calls him on his mobile. The conversation went something like this:

Sherri- Hi babe
MR L: -what do you want?
Sherri – If I give you a blow job will you give me £40?
Mr L: no
Sherri: What about £30 and I’ll let you come on my face?
Mr L: no, go away
sherri: Ru Sure?
MrL: yes …..puts the phone down

Now, there are not many men that would have two inappropriate propositions put to them in a few hours but to turn them both down takes a certain kind of man. I say this to Mr Lucky. He looks at me as if i was some sort of idiot – so you see me in the shower with my neighbour and Sherri and then MM turns up wanting to know whats going on and i pretend I’m some sort of pay day loan shark? He asks?

The shower scene in Psycho comes to mind with the Wonga advert playing in the background.

Perhaps Mr Lucky should dispose of his cell phone.


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