Miss Marple was from Texas

Not much has been happening here at Rocksey towers since Christmas. We have had some snow, some rain and today we have some beautiful sunshine. Spring is becoming more apparent everyday and the chickens are making the most of the sunshine by lying in the sun and eating any new shoots which are poking through the frosty ground.

Rocksey and I sit in our sunroom with a glass of merlot Blush, my favourite spring/Summer wine- it tastes of strawberries and sunshine – he has been faffing about in the kitchen and is now is playing tank battles on his ipad whilst listening to the Steve Miller Band on vinyl. I love ’70’s music, not all that teeny bopper stuff but Steely Dan and Steve Miller……chill out music for such a lovely afternoon.

Last night we spend with some American friends who live in very pretty market town just half an hours drive away. An evening spent with old friends reminiscing and talking rubbish over a few good bottles of wine and late night brandies does the soul a world of good. This morning was spent pottering round a small antiques market buying the sort of tat which the English are good at producing and our American friends love to buy. Their 17century cottage is stuffed to its old beams with authentic english tat ( made in China). This got me thinking about the differences in our formative years and the similarities now between us, we are the same age, Marsh was also in a rock band over the pond and he and Rocksey met a long time ago when they were on a video shoot together and bonded over a few cervezas. Marsh and his wife, Melody settled in their pretty market town 13 years ago and have never felt the urge to go back to their high flying city life, Melody writes for a living and Marsh composes – they lead a charmed life. Melody now is the more successful but the role reversal suits them. When we first met Marsh he was a crazy SO a B, staying up all night drinking and other stuff, everything was an adventure, the world was to be conquered. Now Marsh potters in his garden, watches European sub-titled films with his beloved cat and writes theme tunes for Sit Coms and enjoys drinking english beer in the village pub whilst Melody who was a dancer often seen on TV and touring the world with various shows, now writes Miss Marple type ‘who dunnits’ based on an English vicars wife who likes nothing more than solving the numerous murders and shady goings on of middle England…….not bad for a girl raised in Texas!

But back to our sunny winters afternoon, lunch is ready, Rocksey stirred himself from tank wars to make roasted pepper and tomato soup, a gooey Camembert and freshly baked bread and I am starving.


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