The best two weeks of my life

The guys have been in the recording studio this last weekend and Jack Bennett made a startling revelation on Saturday afternoon.

You know when you are only half hear a throw away comment then try to listen harder to the remaining conversation to try to ascertain whether you herd what you thought you had?

Recording had been in full swing fro about 6 hours when Suki and I finally rocked up at the studio. The studio is in Birmingham, 45 minutes drive unless you count the endless driving around the one way system tying to find the right exit when it can take substantially longer! We were staying in a hotel over night as the studio had been booked for the entire weekend. Suki and I found the hotel, checked everyone in and then headed off for shopping and cocktails in Birmingham’s renouned jewellery quarter- well it was Valentines weekend and I did have sole custody of Rockseys bank cards!

Well a few ‘love’ cocktails later and some serious retail therapy resulting in the cards getting a bit of a thrashing we hailed a taxi which took us off to a less salubrious part of the City dropping us off outside an anonymous blue building.

Inside the rock world was in full swing, not only were the band there that weekend there were all sorts of other things going on, rehearsals and photo shoots and people coming and going carrying all manner of musical instruments, props, clothes, animals, you name it, they passed me by whilst I perused the photographs on the walls of other artists who had graced these hallowed walls, including Black Sabbath ( who originate from the area) and the PussyCat Dolls ( who dont!).

Meanwhile the lads are taking a break, a few beers have been cracked open and the sound engineer is fiddling around with the backing vocals, the conversation ebbs and flows. I am practicing Spanish verbs on my iphone when I hear Jack say to Señor Pinguino ‘ well, the best two weeks of my life were with Bez in Columbia’. Now the Happy Mondays were a favourite band back in the nineties so I stop what I am doing and look up waiting for more. Mr Lucky has also heard this and we exchange a glance and wait with baited breath, eyes upon Jack expectantly. But he hasn’t noticed our perked up interest and hasn’t expanded on this throw away line. Señor Pinguino has moved the conversation on, obviously not a Happy Mondays fan. MrLucky shrugs and turns his attention back to the old copy of Hello magazine someone has discarded ( possibly Nicole Scherzinger?). I wait a few moments more, but nothing. My phone beeps and I go back to the Spanish verbs.

Later Mr Lucky and I are waiting in the coffee queue. Did you hear what Jack said? he asks me. Yes I reply – I didn’t know Jack knew Bez, let alone spent 2 weeks in Columbia with him, what was all that about? Mr Lucky shrugs, ‘if I had spent 2 weeks in Columbia in Bez they may also have been the best 2 weeks of my life except I probably wouldn’t remember anything about it…… ‘ he says adding copious amounts of sugar to the coffee. ‘ That why he didn’t say anything else, ‘. Yes I can agree with that but still how can you then say the best 2 weeks of your life were with someone somewhere which you don’t really remember – or is that actually WHY it was the best 2 weeks of your life?

Jack remains stubbornly quiet on the subject for the remainder of the afternoon, but to be perfectly honest, neither Mr Lucky or myself prompt him to reveal more, sometimes not knowing is better than actually knowing, which could be disappointing. I like to think that 2 weeks in Columbia with Bez was an exciting time, dancing and drinking in La Candelaria in Bogota, and other things less legal perhaps? Perhaps the next time I see Bez he may let me know that the best 2 weeks of his life were those 2 weeks in Columbia with Jack Bennet?


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