On tour…..an intimate gig

The guys kick off their mini tour with an intimate gig in Manchester. Standing room only for around 200 people you really are in touching distance ( if you want to get that close….believe me some people do!!!).

Suki and I go along for the ride but also to meet Jack Bennetts new girlfriend Saff. Now we met her briefly after the spooky goings on at Senor Pinguinos birthday dinner but due to the goings on earlier in the evening she didn’t really register on my horizon. JB has so many girlfriends and hangers on sometimes it is difficult to keep up. Mr lucky reckons it s because JB has a large asset ( come on don’t make me spell it out!!) which has the added bonus(?) of having a Prince Albert piercing. Now don’t get me wrong, married to a rockstar you certainly get to see some sights and Rocksey has his fair share of ‘for your eyes only’ piercings and tattoos however apart from a gay guy I used to work with around 25 years ago ( hmmm showing my age here) telling me he also had this particular ‘added bonus’ I have never seen or ( shudder) had the ‘pleasure’ of being up close and personal to such a Royal member ( ahem). Mr Lucky who more than not shares a room with JB on tour has seen the Prince Albert ( for PA) on more than one occasion sometimes in all its glory……Suki and I are curious to have a first hand( well second hand) eye witness of a ladies point of view….

Now Suki and I have probably been round the block once or twice and after a few wines we do get fairly descriptive as to certain aspects of our past ( and sometimes present) love lifes, but as far as I know Suki, also has lead a sheltered life when it comes to the PA. I am sure she will correct me if I’m wrong ( Suki sweetheart if you are reading this and I am wrong please feel free to text me and I will sure to add as an addendum to this particular blog at a later date!). However we don’t know much about Saff shes sweet and shy was all JB would say possibly why she has been kept away from us for the past few weeks.

So an hour before the guys are due on stage we have arrived. The guys have holed them selves up in the greenroom for some last minute preparation ( this funnily enough involves a few JD’s and some highly charged banter. The support act are on firing up the crowd there is some dancing and jumping about going on the mood is good. Suki and I look over the merchandise stall that is set up selling the bands T shirts and CD’s. It looks cool and business is good. JB and Saff are nowhere to be seen.

Ten minutes before the guys are due on stage they turn up. Saff looks a little flushed. Suki and I exchange glances JB hurriedly gives her a quick peck on the lips and heads off to change. Saff looks around her a little lost, she hasn’t been properly introduced and when Suki and I are at a gig we do look kind of well intimidating, dressed to kill ( or thrill depending on the venue). However its a Sunday night and it is not an Arena date so we are quite dressed down for the occasion I have rather a tiny dress on and Suki has her guns out in a rock vest and thigh high black leather boots – as I said quiet Sunday evening gear!

‘Hi Saff’ I say tapping her on the shoulder ‘you ok?’ Saff smiles hi to both of use looking slightly less lost’ lets go get a drink’ Suki says the crowds part like the Red Sea as she passes making way for us down the stairs to the bar below.

We order JDs for 3 and make small talk until we hear the roar of the crowd. ‘Time to go do our thing’ I knock back the remainder of my drink ‘c’mon ladies time to rock’.

The next hour is spent doing some appreciative dancing for the boys singing along to their greatest hits and nudging each other like teenagers as Rocksey sings songs that had either me or Suki in mind when written. JB is in his element stripped of his T shirt after he first few numbers he struts and pouts like a young Jagger. Saff looks a little bored she even checks her phone half way through. JB dances around far more animated than he usually is, vying for her attention.
‘What ever your doing with him you had better keep it up’ I yell in her ear as JB grinds into a solo on his guitar.Bless her she even blushes or so it appears even though its quite dark despite the stage lighting.

The gig is amazing the guys are totally on form this evening. The final number does nothing to appease the crowd, they certainly want more tonight. Mr Lucky looks knackered as they return for an encore of their hugest hit, the crowd go wild and surge forward. H9wever Saff is no longer beside us – Suki shrugs -perhaps this isn’t her thing –

But no, wait whats going on down the front……Saff has jumped into the frenzy and going wild…..JB looks like hes about to have a heart attack watching her….sweet and shy…..hmmm this girl has abandoned that misconception as she wriggles and jiggles down the front nearly having Rockseys eye out as all of a sudden she whips her T shirt off showing a vast array of ink and a huge pair of boobs!.

The show ends, Suki and I look at each other in amazement as does JB at Saff he looks like he wants to drag her off with him into the night without any of our usual wind down time!.

In the Ladies I bemoan that if JB drags her off now we will never find out about the PA and will have to just take Mr Luckys word for it. ‘ oh no is exactly what he says it is’ says a shy voice behind us as Saff emerges from a cubicle. ‘Except as I have a pretty similar piercing ( she does actually blush here) then its double the fun’ she smirks whilst washing her hands and then disappears into the night JB lapping at her heels like a puppy.

For once I am actually lost for words. Later on the way home Rocksey asks how I enjoyed the intimate evening . I’m not quite sure how to answer ………


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