A Viva Espana

Rocksey and I are on our way to Spain for a hard earned break in the sun during the late spring sabbatical before the band start a run of summer festivals. We are actually en route as I type a few thousand feet above the ground. Rocksey is doing his hardest to read the free broadsheet but the space between his seat and the one in front isn’t that great and so the broadsheet is a little scrunched up. Luckily no one is sitting to the other side of him and so he can spread out a little more than normal.

The hostess is on her way round and a glass of wine is almost within reach. The best thing about going on holiday is not feeling guilty about the consumption of alcohol at what would normally be considered an unsociable hour. However it is Friday !!

This years vacation is going to be a little quieter than last years. This time we are not being joined by the band or family members and so Rocksey and I are going to enjoy a little ‘our’ time without the usual distractions of everyday life.

Suki and Senor Pinguino are flying out to Madrid late this evening to celebrate Suki’s birthday and see AC/DC in concert. A perfect Rock Chic birthday present from SP ( who also this week bought a double bass and mastered a plinkety plonk ‘Happy Birthday’ on it to surprise Suki on her birthday).

Mr Lucky has gone off on a boat trip, last spotted on Facebook last weekend with some very dubious folk and a lot of beer. Jack and Saff are at The Bearded Theory festival sans beards! The Baron & Dreads turned down a late invitation as they were also heading off to an illegal rave – at the mercy of a series of text messages with cryptic clues to follow to lead them to the event. Their bus is packed out with other revellers – I think possible that Ned may have also joined them having competed his first school year in exile at Hogwarts. Missy and Dave are celebrating a year together which can only mean they are still loved up somewhere which probably involves Missy’s expensive tastes in boutique hotels and expensive champagne.

But back to us, we are booked in for a week at Spanish summer school to brush up on our rusty language skills and then a week relaxing at the villa high up in the mountains with a few of the village goats and our neighbours chickens for company.

I cannot wait………although it is highly likely given our track record that the weeks will be anything but quiet!!


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