finding our apartment!

So our first couple of days in our rented apartment in Malaga have passed without too many incidents!

We arrived in Malaga on Friday evening, a little tired from a busy day travelling and a little disorientated not knowing the city apart from its airport. We got a train from the airport to the centre and, on instruction of our ‘landlady’ decided to get a taxi to the apartment.

All well and good you say, what could go wrong? Well instead of getting off the train at the main train station we got off in the commercial area of Malaga and once out on the street…… taxis.

We circled the station twice, no taxis. no sign of life at all, it was 10pm on a Friday night and it felt like Malaga had closed.

Then I remembered that many years ago on a holiday in Puerto Banus the only taxis to be found where outside the department store El Corte Ingles. Having spotted same department store across the road we trudged over an dyes, lo and behold a shining rank of taxis, 20 deep to take us on to or destination. Problem being, the taxi driver has not heard of the address we were going to!!

Images of being ripped off by internet scoundrels flashed through my mind, but no , I had seen this place on Google Earth, it exists!! but where? Finally with the help of Rockseys reading glasses, the email from the landlady and sheer Spanish bravado we arrive on a single track road clinging from a rock face ( it was dark so forgive me by licentious description!!). The landlady’s ‘helpful’ notes told us that the keys were in the water meter cupboard on the street. Now, streets in Spain ( or let me correct this…streets in this part of Spain where there is NO STREET just ROCK FACE!!!!) DO NOT HAVE STREET LIGHTS and so with the help of the torch facility on Rockseys iphone I locate the water meter cupboard, extract said key and open the street door. The key to the apartment door is to be located by another set of cryptic clues, in the meantime, Rocksey pays the taxi driver, who relieved that he has found the right address, zooms off into the night leaving me and Rocksey groping in the dark for the next set of clues and keys!


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