today is my birthday

Today is my birthday and I will make no bones about this. I am 52 years old.
For many years I was a bit ‘vague’ about my age but as I cannot now pass for being 38 ( perhaps 48 in a dim light !!) then its time to nail those numbers to the mast and fly them high and proud!

Two posts on blogs that I follow have made me think lately that us women do feel we have pulled the short end of the straw when it comes to ageing …… either gracefully or not and although I agree whole heartedly with some of their opinions others I do not. And hey! isn’t that the rub….in that I can have my own opinion without worrying whether this will impact on someone else’s life to it’s detriment or otherwise?

Today in the dreaded Spanish class ( which for this week is the bane of my life), the teacher ( of a similar age I must add) asked us to tell her in what places in the world had we had an interesting experience, in what countries we had lived in and the strangest food we had eaten – of course this had also had to be spoken in Spanish and so embellishment in any other language bit our own mother tongue is extremely difficult!!

My mind goes blank when put in a spot and I tend to ramble about what me and Rocksey have done together but then I thought, no hang on a minute, there are many things that I have done without Rocksey and so for a few minutes I had the freedom of re-living a past life ( sin Rocksey or entre de Rocksey#1 and Rocksey #2) when I re-lived past countries lived in, mountains climbed to Buddist monasteries with yoga retreats and sheeps eyes offered as delicacies in desert oasis’s. Senora Profesor looked in astonishment ( probably goggle eyed at my mis-pronunciation of basic Spanish words) and then admitted that she had lived in Malaga all of her life and had not even been to Seville (205km away).

Now you may be shaking your head and thinking that I may have done these things as a young back backer travelling back in the 1980’s ( there are stories to tell dear readers) but the reality is that the monastery and sheeps eyes only date back 7-8 years and so I was a well seasoned traveller well into my 40’s (hey I married a man in Vegas without Elvis watching my back so caution is not my middle name!! ).

I left todays class with my head held high not only because I held my own in the class today in Spanish but actually that with age comes experience and you know what ladies, those wrinkles you see in the mirror, they are there because you screwed your face up in horror over the sheeps eyes!!! ( and just think how boring your life would have been without that offer!!!)

Happy Birthday to me – I will now enjoy as a lady of a ‘certain age’ should!!!! Disgracefully xxx


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