Shelling peas

Rocksey and I are taking some time out this summer. After the last few manic months of rehearsing, recording and touring its time for some down time for everyone. Mr Lucky has gone off on his boat fishing and Jack & Saff are looking at wedding venues ( more of this at a later date!!), SP and Suki have gone to their place in Spain with the family and Rocksey and I are shelling peas on the farm.

Rocksey is contemplating a solo venture inspired by some ’70’s folk rock he has currently been listening to and possibly being joined by his long term singer/ songwriter inspiration Laura, (who has the voice of an angel and can turn a country tune to something grown men will cry over)!

We spend time together doing simple tasks, the aforementioned shelling peas and broad beans. shaking tiny new potatoes out of the ground, collecting eggs and peeling freshly cooked globe artichokes smothered in butter. We work together in the sunshine,with our common goal unspoken between us.

Rocksey looks up from the peas, I think I will talk to Laura and get a session guitarist in to the studio he says, we can work on some acoustic stuff and I think we can get at least 4 songs in the bag in the next few weeks.

I smile and nod, Rocksey, when he has a new idea in his head is enthusiastic beyond belief, but he has to think about things for some time and get them sorted out in his head before he voices an opinion or a decision.

That sounds good, I smile at him, have you spoken to Laura? What does she think? Laura, as aforementioned not only has a voice that would out sing any siren of the sea and send sailors to a watery grave but is young and beautiful and should they decide to also video any of the tracks they are considering would achieve far more hits on YouTube than Rocksey and his grizzley beard would!!

Yeah she’s happy to help out- Rocksey picks up a handful of pea pods shelling them deftly with one hand- she’s had some ideas too which I’m looking forward to trying out’- he raises his eyebrows and gives me his lopsided grin-the one that- according to legend (or at least the music fanzines from many years ago-) melts panties ( girls or guys-the music press was never that specific)!!.

Now I’ve known Rocksey a long long time and that stage persona, all that grinding and thrusting, the shirt unbuttoned to the waist, the Jagger pouting, strutting across the stage, is all a show. I know he’s a little in awe of Laura ( as she may possibly be of Rocksey) and wouldn’t do anything to upset her, or actually to jeopardise our relationship and trust me this has been tested on occasion !

We go back to shelling peas in silent contemplation, I’m not sure what Rocksey is thinking but I’m thinking that a couple of minutes in slightly salted boiling water is all these peas will need to make a tasty treat.


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