Todays Haul

Rocksey and Marsh have taken a trip out to a music memorabilia fair at Belvoir Castle, not too far away. They originally had agreed to ride their bikes (Marsh had extravagantly bought himself a new Storck after his latest sit com music had been accepted for a season 2 to be shown only in India -as season 1 ran for 764 episodes no wonder Marsh is splashing out – and so gave Rocksey his old Avanti ) but Marsh has a hangover from too many glasses of Screamin Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon at a wedding yesterday so Rocksey picks him up in the Audi with the top down to let the fresh air circulate round his addled brain.

Marsh loves to collect vinyl records and his and Melody’s cutsey 17th century cottage is now stuffed to its limits. He is under strict instructions not to come home with anything-hence the reason why they were originally riding there-it’s difficult to balance armfuls of LPs whilst riding a bike. So todays trip is (or should have been) window shopping rather than a spending spree.

However, we all know that when Rocksey and Marsh get together ( and more so if alcohol is also involved) they egg each other on a little and a competitive edge creeps in to the outing.

The afternoon wears on, at 5pm I hear the car pull up on the gravel, one door slams -that means Rocksey has already dropped Marsh off. There is a pause before Rocksey appears at the door – ‘it started so well’ he says shrugging his shoulders – what did he buy? I ask putting down my magazine. Rocksey pulls 2 bottles of beer from the fridge, opens them and hands me one whilst downing his almost in one gulp taking out the auction catalog from his jeans pocket and offering it to me.

I unfold the paper, Rocksey has circled some things, jotted prices down on the margin and a galaxy of stars adorn the top where he has doodled whilst uninteresting items were being bid on.

I cast my eyes down the list until I spot the Kirk Hammett custom ESP guitar signed by the man himself with authenticity as being used by Kirk on the 1989 And Justice For All tour – no price is scribbled on the side only a very large red X. I look at Rocksey with my eyebrows raised -did he….? that must have been a very expensive purchase – Rocksey nods -yes possibly 2 or 3 of those bottles of Screaming Eagle – the 2009 vintage – he adds.

My mobile vibrates with a text message- I see Melodys name flash up on the screen.

He’s at it again – it says. Underneath is a photo of an album – The Rolling Stones ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ – he spent £1700 on ONE thing!!!

It’s worth more -says Rocksey – he got a bargain there.

Hang on a minute -I say waving the catalog at him – what about the Kirk Hammett? Didn’t he buy that too?

Ah – says Rocksey grabbing another beer and making for the door. Well you know what we’re like when we’re together ……

A guitar case is propped up against the door of the boot room – the Kirk Hammett is no doubt inside.

I check on-line to see how much Screaming Eagle 2009 vintage is selling for.


3 thoughts on “Todays Haul

  1. My husband isn’t a rock star but occasionally there is a new guitar popping up. Sometimes he sells something to buy something else. You never know what will happen when he goes to a guitar show.


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