a vive Mexico

Rocksey and I are on holiday on the Riveria Maya  in Mexico having a well deserved break from the miserable weather back home.

It’s quite easy to forget that it’s cold and dark by 4pm when it’s 30 C  and the sun has got his hat on and there’s a smiley waiter offering beers as if they were going out of fashion. So this is my fantasy life for the next couple of weeks where I can forget about regular life and responsibilities. Rockseys mum is house sitting and making sure the chickens and cats are being looked after, the kids have all gone back to their own lives after spending a few days over Christmas with us and all Rocksey and I have to do is look after each other.

Sometimes, and I’m pretty certain this happens with all long term couples, you definitely need to spend some time reconnecting with each other and this is why we all need a holiday when there are no other distractions and you can remember why you fell in love with each other all over again. Rocksey and I like pretty much everyone we know, work hard most of the year and although we spend every evening together sometimes we are both so preoccupied with other stuff we just don’t actually acknowledge how much we value each other. 

It has been two weeks since I started this post and as in most vacations, the time taking doing nothing speeds by and you don’t actually have time to do anything else! Our first day we looked at the Noticeboard which advertises all those things you could do whilst in paradise. Yoga at 8am, a bike ride or Spanish classes at 9am, horse riding, scuba diving, kayaking, archery, cooking classes etc etc, the list was endless and these were just for the physical activities which obviously did not include, tequila tasting, tours of ancient monuments and evenings out shopping, bar crawling or generally doing stuff which means getting off the sun lounger one in a while. Of course, Rocksey and I were full of great intentions and apart from one bike ride we pretty much failed as a couple to ‘get involved’!!

However, our holiday has been spend doing what we enjoy doing most and that is being with each other with no commitments to be anywhere or with anyone else, we get our lives back for 2 weeks, the phone doesn’t ring, the emails are answered with the automatic ‘out of office’ response and Rocksey and I lay on hammocks with beer and tequila making idyll plans which mostly involve where to eat later.

Of course, the time is not completely wasted, having made a pact to speak only Spanish to the resort staff we easily practice the language. Rocksey more than me as he can converse with less difficulty than I but I have a go and left alone to my own devices ( well spending a n hour at a painting class) I make small talk with the girl supervising – the conversation mostly revolved round simple topics ie have you any children, where do you have etc…however, this was my first attempt ( without Rocksey) to make a conversation with someone whose English was similar to my Spanish and we got by, I am actually very proud of myself for this attempt!

Although staying in a 5 star resort is very different to actually living in a country, the laid back lifestyle and of course, the weather, has made us both more determined to make the move to Spain. We have glanced at properties in Mexico and although by far cheaper than anywhere we have ever seen, it remains a fact that a flight is 10 1/2 hours from the UK and we would be very much isolated from our friends and family, whereas Malaga is only 2 hours away. And 30C in January, although lovely on holiday still feels a bit weird! At least in Spain with a temperature of around 20C in January I might still have the opportunity to wear a pair of boots!!.

Talking of which, in town we spotted a shop selling Mexican cowboy boots, the smell of new leather proved too much for Rocksey and in we went. He is now the proud owner of several new pairs of boots ncluding a spectacular red pair with orange and yellow flames licking the sides……….stage wear of course he says giving me a cheeky wink. Hmmmm, knowing Rockseya s I do, those boots will never be prised off his feet!!. 
So in an hour or two we will be off to the airport in Cancun and making our way back to England to the lowly temperatures of 2C.However, with this in mind, there are still a couple of hours left in paradise, my favourite waiter has just turned up with a smile and a Pina Colada with my name on it and I am off to wriggle my toes in the sand one last time. 

La Vida Es Muy Buena, es Excellente!!! Hasta Luego mis Amigos!!


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