Guilty Pleasures

My latest guilty pleasure has been watching the series Vinyl on HBO and now it’s over I have no excuse to binge watch TV on a Saturday afternoon ……I started watching it just for the whole 70’s vibe and because I read in The Edit that Olivia Wilde wears the most amazing Halston Heritage clothes throughout. But then I got into the whole thing and caught up in the whole hedonism of mid 1970s New York with the show channelling my twin loves of punk rock and disco in a parallel universe. The highlight though ( apart from the lovely Devon ( played by Olivia Wilde) was Kip Stevens played by James Jagger who played an angry young (English) man in NY with all of the charisma and sex appeal that Mick would also have had a decade before. Kip Stevens character reminded me of Rocksey when he was a similarly angry young man and probably around the same era too. So after today’s final episode I rooted through Rockseys extensive record collection and  made my own  70’s CBGB’s Rock club for the afternoon, funny how ironing is better when singing along full pelt to the New York Dolls! I go to thinking then whether any one else would admit to similar guilty pleasures and if so….would I be surprised?

I caught up with The Baron over the weekend. He had caught wind over Facebook that my sister had decided to sell (maybe) her vintage camper van and, rather than ask her outright about it, thought I may know something and also be able to swing him a family discount. The camper van would then be used solely for festival hopping and a cool place for Dreads to showcase her photography work, therefore my son surely must be the coolest person I know after Rocksey (of course) and therefore if he had a guilty pleasure it would still be something cool…wouldn’t it????S o I was quite surprised when he told me that after a hard day at work he relaxes to……Smooth Radio!! Well for a 20 year old who gets his kicks from going to underground  garage raves til 6am to hear him extolling the virtues of The Fatback Band, Bily Paul and Eric Carman as his guilty pleasures made me start asking a round what everybody else’s were…….

Missy told me there’s nothing better than cycling home from work  rather than getting home and rolling a joint (now I would have thought her guilty pleasure would be rolling the joint not the other way round), although living in Amsterdam , rolling a joint is probably more mundane then it is here, Suky told me she only joined the gym so she could alternate between the sauna and the steam room and miss the exercise class out altogether which makes her feel both guilty and chilled in huge doses and Melody likes nothing more than spending  Sunday morning in bed listening to the Archers omnibus with their cat and a large pot of tea which would make her far more English than American and so possibly guilty from enjoying being more English than American. 

Rocksey would not be swung by my question. – I have no guilty pleasures he said, engrossed on his iPad. When I peeped over the top of it, he was updating his Pintrest boards – the most unrockstar of them ( and the one with the most pins) entitled ‘my chickens’………..hmmmmmmm,  as I download the Vinyl soundtrack onto Spotify  I think perhaps a little self-indulgence is a good thing, now roll on Series 2!!!


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