img_1635Well Rocksey deep into COUNTRY MUSIC or so he now proclaims, ACOUSTIC I hear him shouting to the engineer @the studio. The look on the engineers face is priceless, he’s used to Rocksey wanting down and Dirty Rock’n’roll with a bucket or two of sleaze thrown in for good measure.

What Country music ¬†! ! ! ! ! Was the response from the engineer.What do the rest of the band think about that. Knowing full well Jack Bennett loved thrash Metal, Robert Cyclist is heaverly into RAVE only Mr lucky would be happy to play anything as long as he was playing. Thats just it Rocksey replied they arnt in this its just Me. Now i know Rocksey can hold a note singing but on a guitar that I’m not to sure on that ¬†having heard Rocksey attempting to play the Guitar many times.

Head in hands shoulders slopped towards the floor OK was the response from Miguel (the engineer) Seco, or as Rocksey likes to call him Ronaldo. I think thats because he’s Portuguese, and Rocksey always states he could make a squealing cat number 1 in the charts. Ronaldo realised very early that the night could be very very long with rocksey playing everything.

Lets start with the drums comes through the speakers. What drums is Rocksey’s response. DRUMS DRUMS you know the bashey things that keep the beatcomes back. Dont worry Shouts Rocksey pressing the Button on his Mac, and the complete drum sound kicks in. Wow whos that asks Ronaldo, Kyle states Rocksey he’s a drummer on LOGIC and ive spent all day editing this beat, Not bad comes through the speakers, i’ll load this as the root track on the song, By the way what is the title of the song ? “92 in the shade ” Rocksey replies. Well lets get the bass down next, this isnt beyond Rocksey’s talents as he was a bass player years before.beaming from ear to ear Rocksey produces his Bass a 1986 Aria pro zzb deluxe zebra destroyer, the fact only 1 pickup worked didnt seen to hinder Rocksey as he played his way along with the drums.

The smile on Rocksey’s face was equalled only by the frown on Renaldo’s, Who’s comment of we cant use this but how do i tell him. After a quick phone call to the perpetual students new boyfriend (who can program and edit in logic) Mario was being driven over to Rocksey’s. Editing the Midi version of Rocksey’s drums and creating a Midi version of Rocksey’s appallingly ropey Bass playing . On arrival Mario plugged his Mac into the desk and downloaded the revamped tracks.

Shortly afterwards Rocksey burst into the mixing room shouting LETS HEAR what we have got. Ronaldo pushed the playback button and Rocksey YELLS “not lost it have I” Briliant I’d say. Ronaldo and Mario in unison reply “brilliant” knowing that they had the latest software to thank. a few BEERS later and Rocksey is revitalised and ready for the guitar tracks, and off to the recording room Rocksey dashed. Mario glanced at Ronaldo and said do you want me to play guitar, good idea lets listen 1st and see how Rocksey thinks it should go then i’ll DI you into the desk and we can record you while Rocksey plays in the othe room. OK, the only thing you could say about Rocksey’s guitar playing is that the guitar was in tune but as for playing a song without mistakes was above and beyond Rocksey’s skill on 6 strings.

Ronaldo kept Rocksey playing different sections of the song while Mario double and treble tracked the song, till both he and Ronaldo were happy with the tracks, Ronaldo summoned Rocksey into the mixing room to listen, “WOW” I didnt realise I was so so good on the guitar stated Rocksey.Now for the Vocals this had Rocksey bounding back to the recording room,grasping his favourite headphones Rocksey whispered are you both ready for this, Yep was he response. With this the track starts.

What we didnt know Rocksey had been Planning this for months and had been having singing lessons with Nashville own Mia & Venus, grammy winning singing duo. So we dont get down and dirty Rock’n’Roll vocals just a totaly new gritty country style,both Ronaldo & Mario wide mouth look at each other, we didnt expect that they both say. How does that sound asks Rocksey “NOT BAD NOT BAD at all” is the response he gets. Now not bad isnt what Rocksey wanted to hear,”wait ” Let me get my hat and get more in character Rocksey says, and leaves the room. 10 minutes later returning with his stub top hat. Not very country Ronaldo says to ROcksey that hat, I know was the response “But this is ” as Mia appears in the room.

Lets do the vocals again, and Rocksey and Mia start on the duo of”92 in the shade”. Turns out that they had been rehearsing this song for months, and the vocals are down within 3 takes. No need to listen “you know what sound I want” and with this Rocksey and Mia exit the studio heading to join Me, Suki and Penguino, leaving Ronaldo and Mario to work on the track for Rocksey to critic later in the week.

Country Country SHOUTED penguino “youve gone soft in the head man” you should have had me in to do the Bass – did it myself Rocksey said which had Penguino dropping his drink, Now if you know Penguino He hates to waste good booze, this I have to hear he retorted. Sorry Penguino your just not country enough and you would have ruined the atmosphere with your Rock’n’roll Devil Music……. You’ll all get to hear it in a week or two when it all been mixed…..img_1654




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