img_1667Well its been years since me and Rocksey had been to a gig where Rocksey wasnt playing or a major part of the event. But last night Senior Penguino (SP) and Suki invited us along to the Gig. Now this was a Band SP had been a founder member year ago, so it was guest list and free food and beer.

SP was going to drive us there and SUKI drive us back. Now Suki had just got a new car a Toyota GT86 – to say its was cramped in the back but there was just enough room to fit 2 in the back.  Now SP behind the wheel, NOT Suki’s best idea ever he immediately reverted to an 18 year old who only knew how to accelerate. Well to class the drive to the venue as a rollercoaster ride was an understatement but It included Suki screaming at SP as he flipped her car from lane to lane, stearing one handed whist smoking his e cigarette and making the inside of the car seem like London in the smog. Which again had Suki berating SP.

Well more luck than judgement from SP we arrived just as SP’s old band mates. SP whispered “wait till you see the rider” this arroused Rockseys curiosity as we all walked down the dark corridor to the back stage area. On arrival at the dressing room there before us were bottles of MOËT and more organic produce than at the local farmers market. WHY ORGANIC ? Enquirer rocksey, to this Bill (lead singer) retorted we like to make things a differcult as possible as possible for the venue and we always choose 1 item each and if its not here £100 from each band member,  not that were bothered really. But  if the MOËT isnt here then its NO MOËT NO SHOWEY ! ! !  And that were strict on.

well as per normal 2 sniffs of the champagne and SP was dancing around like a spider on a hot plate.

THe show was good, especially to relive the old tunes and if you turned your back to the stage you were transported back to the bands Peak. But to watch it was a bunch of old men going through the motions to squeeze the last $$$$. Out of a dying horse.

the journey back was serene and calm (Suki was driving) with SP demanding she stops so he can get more food, now SP is as thin as a rake but could win an eating contest with the amount of food he eats, while Suki is on her diet of DUST & TONIC WATER ……  SP full of sympathy for Suki sat in the car eating everything he could get his hands on while Suki sipped some more tonic.

“Home at last” I said, Rocksey didnt respond   Just stood in front of the full length mirror asking if I thought he looked Mexican ? And rejoicing in the fact he hadnt been recognised all night ! ! ! ! ! .. Slicked back hair, shirt and grey tarten trousers and glasses arnt the normal dress code for Rocksey…  great night he shouted as he disappeared, “im gonna buy A sombrero ” VIVA MEXICO ! ! ! ! !




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