Old dog, new tricks

So last weekend Rocksey and I went  to see a sold out show of Seasick Steve.Rocksey moaned for 6 months prior to the gig that it wasn’t his sort of music, he moaned the evening of the show, during the show, after the show and on the way home the next day.

However all this week he has been hiding away in the studio at the back of the house where he thinks no one has noticed or can hear what he is doing.

Tonight I hear a beautiful bluegrass tune being strummed and pop my head in to see who is there. I spy Rocksey with his Delta Blue resonator guitar plucking out a new tune, a bluegrass tune, a very beautiful hybrid Seasick Steve type of tune. 

Seasick Steve sings a song called ‘you  can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.

Yes you can Steve, oh yes you can.


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