img_1635Well after discovering rocksey has a new found love of blues/blue grass music, and hearing nothing but his new found fav artist “Seasick Steve” — I came home for dinner to discover Rocksey has also found a love of vegetarian cooking.

Rocksey has been spending his week days not recording his new acoustic album but has been watching Nigella’s cooking programmes and Australian Masterchef, and finding that he has a direct line to George from AMC on his phone and he has called him 7 times today already . Turns out rocksey has been watching Australian master Chef episodes back to back 10 hours a day —   And how he wants to try and get on the show, and do they do a musicians master chef ?  – – – –    Rocksey/George/Nigella, do they like Blues/blue grass and more important SeaSick Steve lets get them all round music, food, wine   Oh and SP and Suki !   ! ! …

But what can I say ! ! ! ! ! ! ! — all done from scratch   Puff Pastry leek and Mushroom pie in a brandy pepper sauce — to be followed by baked Apple (from our trees) stuffed with raisins and homemade CUSTARD and I love CUSTARD x x x x x x x …… Oh and Homemade wine  — Rocksey has started brewing his own wine as well   . . .  And very mellow it is as well

well if  this is the way our dinners are going bring it on Rocksey —-  just can we have more CUSTARD next time  . . . . . . . .

On leaving the table   Rocksey shouts lets invite SP  and Suki round — and AMC and ESPICALLY NIGELA    ! ! !    —

I wonder how long this will last blues/blue grass & cooking  — long let it keep occurring , loving this new music & food    —  just one worry rocksey has just ordered from Amazon -“how to brew spirits”  – -hmmm home made vodka Rocksey & SP  that could end very messy.


Masterchef Australia

Masterchef Australia







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