Saturday Afternoon Football

img_0121Well not only am I now facing Blue grass music & vegetarian food Rocksey has re-discovered his love of football (soccer for all of you in the USA)

His beloved LeicesterCity football club – Now Rocksey used to be team Sponser from 2000 – 2004 and had let his interest slip over the years, but always wanted the scores sent to him no matter where in the world he was on saturday afternoon, not the best timing when Rocksey’s in the far east, but hey ho its what he wants.

For many years now the results have brought cursing and expletives followed by head in hands, especially when his team went down to division 1 …….    —  but Leicester won that league then the following season destroyed the championship league ..  but the premiership is a whole different matter ..   with some players costing more than the entire Leicester squad.

Now Leicester survived their first season by the skin of their teeth they looked relegated by christmas but somehow they won 7 out of their last 8 games and survived. Now the following season WOW what a season Leicester won all but 3 games and were crowned CHAMPIONS of ENGLAND ..  now this Had Rocksey running around wild in the house screaming never never did he expect this in his life , But YES it was TRUE Leicester had won the Premiership ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This had Rocksey showing the club Badge he has as a tattoo over his heart and letting as many people know who would listen. But this season hasnt been the best so far But today was a great win for the City. Rocksey in the kitchen cooking dinner (vegetarian again) whilst trying to play seasick steve songs, he’s starting to get there but hey its not Steve Style YET. ! ! ! !!

Rocksey shouts to me if City phone up about sponsorship again its still NO, he doesnt want to jinx a winning run —  and doesnt have the time with his guitar / recordings / cooking / etc etc.

He’s. More of a domestic god now that a football fan ….. And Rockseys Daughter is now to old for him to drag her to every game night/away/cup/league and she doesnt like football she tells Rocksey but i know her team Is Crystal Palace but i’ll keep that from rocksey ….


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