img_1701Well Sundays have changed quite a bit in Rockseys house recently.. Its not bad heads from the night before “Me not Rocksey” he never gets a headache just an upset stomach…

Now its baking brewing and the Blues.

Rocksey now likes to bake the weeks bread, check on his wine and last but not least practice is blues guitar, which still isnt just quite right, but getting there.

So this sunday has been whole meal bread which is as light as, starting a new batch of savigion blanc, I think he thinks he could sell it, if it all didnt get drunk.

But a Sunday night wouldnt be the same without Rockseys favourite programme reruns of BULLS EYE …  its not for me. But Rocksey likes to shout at the programme while its on even though the shows are 40 years old now …..

when its finished Rocksey heads off guitar in hand stating “I will get this tune down ”

good luck I say with my glass of rockseys last batch of Savigion and a good book.





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