Santas Day Off 

TP had organised a Santa Golf Charity Day at the golf club of which Rocksey had agreed to join in. Rock set likes to play golf, I’m not sure whether it is the relaxing game people make it out to be, I find it very stressful only compensated by the 750 calories per round I burn off and the fact that I can buy Tory Burch golf wear so even if my game is rubbish I am the most stylish gal in the club house. 

Instead of playing the Santa game I took my camera and a buggy out to take photos of the Santas and hoped to catch a decent photograph which TP had assured me if I got a good shot it would be used as the clubs offical Christmas card. Now as I have yet to have any of my images published the gauntlet was well and truly thrown down. I have a facebook friend whom I started up a photography page with and he is forever getting his images published, not a week goes by when one of his sunsets adorns the weather channels nightly regional weather forecasts. So here is my opportunity to get one of my photos OUT THERE!

The best thing about the Santa day is that every single player taking part has to dress as Santa (except for the PGA professionals who TP thought it would be fun for them to dress as Elves. Darren one of the PGAs was not happy, mind you he never is  but dressed as an unhappy elf he had everyone rolling around which eventually brought a smile to his face)!

Several of the lady members were not impressed with the job lot of Santa costumes TP had bought off Ebay. There were several ‘sexy’ Ms Santas dotted around the course that morning. Now although it was a beautiful sunny day, it was late November and freezing cold. It is difficult to pull off that Sexy look when your freezing your butt off!

So I whizz around cosy in my Moncleur padded ski jacket taking photos of Santas at every opportunity. Now I’m not a professional by any means but I have read enough to know that you can’t always get a decent picture without a little discomfort, So with a little artistic licence I found myself lying on the ground, half way up trees and hiding in bunkers (hiding in a bunker is not a good idea by the way!!).

Half way round, Rocksey jumped in the buggy – I’ve had enough he shouted, TP is beating the hell out of me and Darren is doing my head in with his incessant  moaning and its freezing – lets go and get a hot toddy! You can’t hurry me. – I’m the photographer I shrug Rockseys cold hands off my thigh you’ll have to walk back to the clubhouse if you can’t wait. 

Rocksey spots a Santa whizzing past in a buggy decorated with balloons. He’s in a hurry he yelps, I’m going with him! And off he trots catching the back of the buggy waving madly at TP who is waving a golf club at him in mock anger.

A couple of hours later, I arrive back at the 19th hole pleased with the 400 odd photos I had taken  and looking forward to going through them. I weave past the sexy Mrs Santas who are huddled by the roaring log fire trying to get some blood flowing back through their assets. Rocksey is deep in conversation with the run away Buggy driver who had narrowly missed careering off into the lake when   Rocksey gatecrashed his trip back to the clubhouse. Darren is at the bar morosely nursing a large whiskey  – TP’s out the back he nods in the direction of the Directors lounge. -AP has got him a different Santa costume to wear for the charity auction.Whys that? I ask. Well Darren said, he was bragging about what a good golfer he is and then he somehow fell into the ditch at the 16th hole and got a bit wet and muddy. He raises his eyebrows and smiles mischievously. –  I like that about Darren – |I wonder how he fell into a ditch? I raise an eyebrow back. 

The thing is…..AP has joined us ……there are no more Santa costumes left so he had to borrow one……..

Ladies and Gentlemen….a voice comes over the tannoy.  -it is now time for the charity auction, if you would like to join us in the function room with your host…TP!!

Well I have to say one thing for TP. He may be a good golfer but he’s an even better sport ……and as you can see from the official Christmas card ….he has a better pair of legs than all of the ladies in the club!

Can’t wait till next year!! 


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