SuMMER 2017

img_1574Well its been a week or two since we saw Marsh & melody… But it seems Rocksey and Marsh have been busy organising things. Me and Rocksey go on to our Spanish finca  for4 weeks during the summer, but this year Rocksey said he wanted a week either side to write songs. ! ! ! ..

But it turns out Him and Marsh are going out for the first week. Now marsh and Melody only ot 5*+ but he’s going out with Rocksey to stay in our Finca in the hills. Rocksey says Marsh can help with his solo album hes writing “Bandidos Dios Y El Diablo”  he can play the tambourine and maracas he states.


Now the last time Marsh & Rocksey went away was to Istanbul and its a few years ago now. Rocksey was celebrating his divorce from the WITCH ! ! ! ! And spending some of the money him and the accountant had managed to hide away from the courts.

It was only night 2 and Rocksey SP and marsh had gone out early , they had found a Bar with a shish pipes which has SP as happy as. While watching the world pass by Rocksey sees Marsh skuttling across the floor, as his head appears above the table  Rocksey asks WTF are you up to Marsh responds look what ive found showing a green lump in his hand.

Throw it away Rocksey says No way says marsh, Now this comotion has attracted the attention of SP “what you got ?” Marsh shows him , now SP isnt known for speed but he could have beaten a Leopard with his reactions removing the green lump from Marsh’s hand and putting a clump in his pipe. Whats it like asked marsh, SP didnt answer as his eyes glazed over . Marsh hadnt a pipe or rolling papers so he just ATE yes ATE it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Rocksey shook his head and ordered himself another beer knowing he was on his own this night . Putting his heels on the low table Rocksey now watched the world spin past Marsh in ever decreasing circles SP was in a MELLOW world of his own But MARSH well he was bouncing off the walls with his normal exuberance. With the same effect as a child throwing a power ball against the floor.

Marsh suggested a trip to the local Club Rocksey didnt want but Marsh insisted on checking with SP who said “it cool its cool” Rocksey & Marsh set off. Now Rockseyonew nothing good could come from this night. Just as they rounded the corner The Bus to the centre of town was in so Rocksey ran and jumped on holding on to the bar in the rear door Rocksey turned to see Marsh sort of running yes sort of running. It was the first time Rocksey had seen anyon running in SLOW MOTION and yes Marsh was running in slow motion just like the 6 million dollar man but much much slower, the whole bus was now watching as marsh mad the 40 mtr dash last moe than 3 minutes with each step he seemed to get sower and slower with his arms getting wilder and wilder, eventually he looked just like monty python minestry of silly walks. Rocksey stepped off the bus and spun Marsh in the direction of the hotel.

On arriving on the Hotel marsh got the room keys and led the bouncing Marsh towards the escalators. Youll be on on these he asked, no one but an alien would have understood the babbling that came from Marsh but Rocksey took that as a yes. Now Rocksey stepped onto the up escalator as Marsh started trying to run up the down escalator a race he would never win.

Patience has never been a number 1 trait of Rockseys but this time he excelled himself standing at the top of the escalator as Marsh kept on trying and trying. You had to admire him. Now 10 or 15 minutes passed and Rocksey decided to assist Marsh, so in normal style Rocksey phoned front desk and asked them to assist the lunatic to his room.

Rocksey tipped the bell boy and decided to leave Marsh where he fell. So putting late night with Letterman on the Tv and opening a bottle of Bud Rocksey sat back  in the chair, toasting Marsh for another entertaining night out……. WHAT COULD GO WRONG NEXT SUMMER I ASK



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