Well Sunday has thundered around again, and again its hit Rocksey like the Cannon ball express with Casey Jones going for the land speed record.

Creative thats what I feel like today as Rocksey sprang out of bed at 5:30AM, Time to write down some of my new songs that ive been working on over the last few months. (Rocksey has all these ideas but if not recorded or videoed he forgets the tune or the lyrics or both) So pencil in hand and his new song book off he ran to the studio. 

3 hours later Kitten arose from the bed and strolls down towards the studio where Rocksey is entrenched, Guitars, Banjo, mic’s, video camera and lights. Before she got close enough to see what was actually happening Rocksey shouted “COFFEE” and make sure it’s black and very strong, Kitten thought this strange as Rocksey doesnt like coffee, but she thought what the hell i’ll make him some very strong Colombian black coffee. Kitten shuffled off towards the kitchen thinking of what she could do now Rocksey was sure to be gone till at the earliest 8 or 9PM, the time of Rockseys favourite tv programme from the 80’s was replayed on the tv. Now Kitten could fill an entire day with her new hobby Photography somthing which bored Rocksey. His comments of how many pictures can you take of a bucket before you have enough still ring in kittens ears, a different story if Rocksey is the subject matter of the pictures, If Rocksey was older the Carley Simon song “Your so vain” could have been about him. I digress back to the story. Kitten made her way back to the studio, pushing open the door with her knee through an incense haze she could see Rocksey Bent over the Desk scribbling away, where do you want this.Pointing to a small table on the left Rocksey gestured where.

GREAT he shouted listen to this a completely new song “Easy living Man” and ive got a role for Marsh, Precussion. “Percussion” Kitten said, Now she knew Marsh had played Bass and sang in the past but never had she seen him with bongos or anything else slightly percussionie ever. Its a great idea I’ve had and ive even drawn a story board for the video, now the story boards Rocksey draws how can I say arnt any Constables more Picasso in his expressionistic phase which even Rocksey struggled to work out a few days later.

Now the 1st versions of Rockseys songs to say at the best are rough and to Kitten they all sound the same, but this time the melody isnt that bad she says, Rocksey isnt any guitar player even though he thinks he can cary a song, what about the lyrics she asks?.

Well ! . This opening word has Kitten dreading the worst and yes Rocksey doesnt dissapoint her, Its about Me Patty (frankenhooker fame) and Jenny (Friends fame)  a motel and an alter and proceeds to play and sing. With a beaming smile Rocksey asks what do you think ? Now not wanting to dismiss the whole song she spins and heads for the door shouting over her shoulder “It needs work Lots of work” and pulls the door shut.


It wasnt long till there was a thumping at the door and there was Marsh with Bongos and various other percussion instruments. I cant chat he says important recording to do. Kitten reaches for her camera and heads out to find somthing photograph.

Bursting into the studio Marsh trips up over Rockseys legs who is laying on the floor videoing his latest song. Why are you on the floor Marsh asks “Camera angles” Rocksey says very important, and proceeds to show marsh the story board and video. Now Marsh has know Rocksey for years but even he couldnt work out the story board, Rocksey assuring him all will be great, there will be cars, girls,location and lots of BEER. At this Marsh’s face lit up and Rocksey pulled a very large bottle of JD from the drawer. Lets work he announced pouring himself and Marsh a large very large drink, Bongos 1st. It seems Marsh had told Rocksey while they were drunk some months ago he could play the Bongos and now he was going to have to do it. After a few run listens they were set and Marsh hit them Bongos like Animal from the Muppets arms legs going everywhere but WOW he could actually play them, Next the tambourine parts (Marsh had always secretly thought of himself as a reincarnated Jim Morrison) the only similarity anyone else saw was the fact Marsh like Jim Like JD, unlike Jim, Marsh couldnt handle it.

When Kitten returned later Rocksey was infront of the tv, Dinners on he shouted, it will be ready in 45 minutes. Wheres Marsh she asked as his Aston Martin was still on the drive. Oh hes asleep I think Rocksey said, where asked Kitten? “STUDIO” was the shouted response. Kitten made her way to the studio which now resembled a war zone where she found Marsh asleep behind his Bongos and a empty bottle of JD by his side. What we going to do with him Kitten asked Rocksey oh dont worry Melody is on her way over to get him, but more importantly watch this. Rocksey lowered the HD Projector screen logged into you tube and proceeded to show me “Easy living man” video, Its all you Kitten said “Yep” was the response aint it great oh and Marsh 1:45 check there youll see him propped up between the speakers and Bongos ! Its the only way I could et him upright.


So all three of us pour Marsh into Melodys Range rover knowing he’s going to regret this Sunday for a few days. Rocksey rushes back to his 80’s programme which he informs me he has 30 episodes recorded for tonight. Deep joy I think Photo editing will see me throug till Monday.


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