A Night at the Opera


Well I’d been telling Rocksey that we were going to the opera for weeks, but as usual it went in one ear and out of the other. But now the night was upon us and I told Rocksey Loud and clear that tonight we were going to the opera. As per usual Rocksey heard only what he wanted i.e “night at the opera” which turned out to be a favourite film of Rockseys.

Now even I didn’t expect what came dashing down the stairs singing “free free Fredonia land of the brave and free” only Rocksey dressed up as a cross between Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx. Now I was shocked at the enthusiasm that was being displayed as Rocksey normally has to be dragged screaming to a night of culture but this time he seemed strangely over enthusiastic as  he dashed passed me and jumped in to the car “come on hurry up” he shouted we don’t want to miss the start. Now I was getting concerned Rocksey not wanting to miss the start ! ! ! . Normally he sleeps through the first act and only really wakes up to catch the heroine die at the last act. But no this time we were going to be early and he was a keen as a child on Christmas eve.

I’ve been practising for this, Rocksey announced as he leapt from the car, the tails of his evening jacket flowing in the breeze as he bounded towards the venue. I was now WORRIED Rocksey had never shone this interest in the opera before. As I entered the building I gave the tickets to the usher who was going to show me to the box where we would view the performance from and also asking what champagne we would like bringing up to the box ?, I stopped him and asked if he’d seen a strangely dressed man run into the building in front of me, Yes he replied, he ran into the toilets shouting that you had his ticket.

I was led to the box and settled in and awaited the return of Rocksey. I sipped on the Krug and wondered where on earth Rocksey could have got to. Now from the box i had a wonderful view of the entire auditorium and slowly took in the whole event. When out of the corner of my eye I spotted a strangely dressed man hair slicked back, Big black drawn on moustache and black rimmed glasses being pursued by 4 ushers while he sang “free free Fredonia land of the brave and free” now this was attracting the attention of many of the theater  goers that evening. I watched as the stranger gave the ushers the slip only to emerge from behind a curtain. He walked slowly in the opposite direction to the chasing ushers, Now above the chatter of the crowd I could now catch his voice and to my HORROR I recognised it, Rocksey NO ! ! ! ! ! ! — yes he thought we were going to a Marx Brothers convention Hence the enthusiasm and his outfit he’d turned up as Groucho, and in his best Groucho impression (which is rubbish to say the least) travelled through the stalls quoting Groucho at the top of his voice.


It wasnt long before the ushers finally cornered Rocksey and before they ejected him out in the street I managed to save the day. He’s with me I called m(much to my embarrassment) Now after a severe dressing down from the management Rocksey was returned to my care and he slumped into the chair. Glass in hand he said “so I guess it’s not a Marx reunion”. What did you say to them ladies downstairs “you don’t want to know ” he replied oh and can you get some BEER sent up this champagne isn’t for me tonight.

Beer in hand feet up on the balustrade Rocksey settled in for his sleep as the opera commenced. After much apologising to the management and everyone seeming to see the funny side of things  we returned home. Only for Rocksey to login to his account and bring up the entire film history of the Marx brothers I knew it was going to be a long night “next time I think I’ll go as Chico” he said as the opening credits rolled and Rocksey sang “free free Fredonia” whilst doing his Groucho walk. Time for bed I think.



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