Escape to “Billy Smarts” 

Well Marsh had been in rehab now for three days and he was crawling up the walls, no ALCOHOL at all and none of the the staff were paying any attention to his pleas and begging. Even the promise of untold riches didn’t alter the staffs attitude. Marsh realised his only chance was escape but how ?. As Marsh was a fee paying patient (Melody was paying) he could come and go within the grounds of the centre as he liked until lock down at 7pm.

Marsh had scouted out all the perimeter of the centre and all the walls were far too high and well lit past dusk, so another plan needed to be hatched. Marsh had recently watched “some like it hot” and realised a disguise was the way forward. So using his best clouseau detective mind he set about the task, unfortunately for Marsh the only store cupboard he could find open was the nurses uniform cupboard(female), fortunately Marsh had never been described as stocky or well built and soon he found a uniform that would fit. This he bundled inside his cardigan and scurried back to his room. If you had the chance to see him you would have only described him as a pregnant George Clooney (his likeness claim not mine) with arthritic hips dashing along a well lit corridor. Next make up he thought , well there was an old soak 3 rooms down that never locked her door and was always made up to the nines, Marsh was sure someone came in every day to do her makeup as it was always perfect and her hands shook uncontrollably.

Marshs next sauté was to the soaks room and soon he was scurrying back to his rook laden with estee lauder and Chanel makeup. Now according to Marsh he had never worn makeup but everyone had seen his Adam & the Ants/new romantic pictures where he was made up like a pantomime dame. There was no time to worry so Marsh sat himself in front of the mirror and started 1st poking himself in the eye with the pencil liner, 2nd foundation too much and spending the next 2 hours sneezing, 3rd lipstick which had him more looking like the joker than a woman, and last blusher which was applied in the same thickness as the double yellow lines on the road.


This was it now or never Marsh hitched up his skirt and made for the door, people were leaving and the door was open as he approached when just 10mtrs away Marsh made a mad sprint knocking people sideways as he sped towards the door , made it and off down the path he sprinted. (What he didn’t know was he was being released this same day anyway) the staff just watched as this deranged he/she nurse careered down the drive and straight into the nearest pub. 10 minutes later and 3 pints Marsh now had to make good his escape. Noticing there was a large event down the road Marsh scuttled down and took a look. A circus what luck he exclaimed, Marsh thought he could hide out there for a few hours until the search party had given up (there never was or would be a search party).

Marsh entered the big top through the back door and the instant he entered the head clown Mrs Spare Part cornered him “your late you know tonight routine” get ready. Marsh taken aback stuttered and mumbled but head clown Spare Parrt barked the orders at his and Marsh sloped off to join the other clowns. fortunately for Marsh he was to play the DRUNK so as he had consumed 3 pints he performance should be convincing. 10 Minutes later with a foot squarely in his back Marsh was launched into the ring followed by 5 other clowns all armed with custard pies all destined for Marsh.

The performance was soon over and Spare Part came over and congratulated Marsh on his realistic performance ” you will be staying for the tour ?” Marsh still convinced that there would be search parties out for him agreed without hesitation. “Great ” said Spare Part you caravan is over there. Marsh slumped back on the sofa in his van via a call at the bar,arms laden with booze and self congratulated himself, “who would have believed it me a clown” Now everyone who know Marsh thought of him as a clown but maybe this was his true vocation in life. 

A life on the stage and being told what to do by a woman Marsh was in heaven. He put his feet up and cracked open another can, Marsh began singing “Hi Diddly Dee A Circus Life For ME” and a tour wait till Rocksey & Penguino find out this will blow them away, Clown this week Circus Master within a month Marsh assured himself …… we will see we will see ! ! ! ! ! 

Surprise Vegan Ice cream 

Its so hot, the Winds are blowing in from Africa and the southern part of Spain is stifled with a heatwave making everything such an effort. Even the couple of days at the Miramar sapped my energy to a point where even turning over on the sun lounger wasn’t an option. Thus with a sun burnt back I wait for Rocksey at the airport and hoping that Max and his crew of Zombies have left the finca and we can return home for some quality time together before the arrival of SP and Suki on Friday evening.

Rockseys flight has blown in on those very same African winds and his flight is on time. As he has only been away for a few days he careers through passport control with his cabin bag pulls me into a big Rocksey bear hug kissing the top of my head. Misse you babe he murmurs but come on things to do! And off we go squeezed into the Fiat 500 I hired up into the hills to see what fates await us.

Next doors dogs greet us with a rally of barks and I noticed that their dog which likes to spin round and round (hencely named ‘spinny dog’ ) spins dutifully round whilst barking excitedly as the unfamilar car passes their gates. There are no signs of zombies or Max and Lizbet when we pull up on the driveway. The deflated unicorn stares forlornly at us from the side of the pool  –  I still don’t know who this belongs to -I’m hoping that there are no other surprises left for us.

The house has been cleaned from top to toe, Marcella has done wonders, who would have known what trails of destruction she had to clear up. I can see her know, shaking her head and cursing everyone in Spanish under her breath. I think Rocksey is a little bit scared of her as she looks a bit like the old woman in that film ‘Dragged to Hell’  and I’m certain he thinks that one of these days………

In the kitchen stands a vase filled with flowers, lilies and roses in full bloom filling the kitchen with their sweet aroma. A note is pressed up against the vase.Welcome Home it says, sorry for the inconvenience of us stil being here when you arrived , hope these more than make up for it – if not there is something in the freezer which might, love M&L. PS thanks for the loan of the Unicorn, don’t know what we would have done without it!  can’t have a video called Revenge of the Killer Unicorn without one !!

In the freezer is a box labelled Vegan Ice cream. I get it out and open it, creamy  and delicious it tastes of both Mango and Coconut and I think I am in love. The icecream box and myself are barely separated through out the day. I sit by the pool idly watching Rocksey alternating between blowing up the Unicorn ( which sadly must be punctured somewhere as it does keep deflating) and strumming chords on  his guitar immersed in a new song. Around about 7 he goes indoors brings out some Cervesas de Clara ( this is beer flavoured with lemon juice and delightful) and announces he is going to make dinner later  with one of the recipes he has brought back from Rob. In the meantime here is Max and Lizbet vegan Mango &coconut icecream recipe to fall in love with…………………………the mystery of the arrival of the Unicorn can wait for another day.

Vegan Mango Coconut Ice Cream

1 can (14 ounces) unsweetened coconut milk (do not use light or cream of coconut)

1/2 cup organic evaporated cane sugar

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (homemade or purchased)

1 1/2 cups chopped ripe mango

1 tablespoon orange liqueur such as Grand Mariner or Cointreau

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla
Combine coconut milk, sugar, almond milk and mango in blender container. Cover and blend until smooth. Add orange liqueur and vanilla; blend to combine. Cover and refrigerate coconut mixture at least 4 hours until well chilled. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions. Makes about 1 quart (4 cups)
Tip: Homemade ice cream freezes very firm. Adding the orange liquor makes a slightly softer ice cream since alcohol does not freeze.

Vegan Zombie 

Well Rocksey had been at Robs now for 3 days and was getting used to the vegan life and thought that it was time to repay their generosity and cook something for Rob and Sherri.

ROcksey had been following “” a vegan cook for weeks now and decided to cook them a beetroot and red quinoa burger . After only 20 minutes prep Rocksey was ready to cook.

Now cooking isn’t anything new to rocksey but this time his hands were visibly shaking. Nervous was an understatement “here we go he thought ”

The oven was pre hearted and the burgers made, rocksey had made his own mixed salad with a lemon vinegarette dressing.

The burgers were fried for approx 2 minutes a side and all was ready.

40minutes later Zombie stood up and slapped Rocksey on his back “Welcome to the family welcome to the family” that was truly delicious. Even if you had tried I don’t think you could have wiped the smile off Rockseys face.

Rocksey was on the phone to kitten as soon as he returned to his room “they loved it “”dinner”  and even I thought it was great.

I have posted the RECIPE BELOW 


This Vegan Burger is probably one of my favourites, hope you like it to.

 • 2 cups of peeled, roasted, chopped beets

 • 1 cup cooked red quinoa (white is just as fine)

 • 2 tbsp olive oil

 • 3 tbsp ground flaxseeds, soaked in 9 tbsp water

 • 1 onion, finely diced

 • 4 garlic cloves, crushed

 • 1/2 cup of chickpeas or rice or oats

 • 2 tbsp lemon juice

 • 2 tbsp soy sauce

 • salt and pepper to taste

 • coriander to taste

 • cumin to taste

 • 1/2 cup finely chopped mushrooms (shitake, baby bella or white button) optional 
Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

Place the chopped beets, the garlic, the onion and the mushrooms rubbed with olive oil, on a parchment paper and let it roast for 20-30 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.


In a food processor add all the ingredients, including seasonings. Pulse until combined, without making it to mushy.

With wet or oily hands form the mixture into burgers (they are sticky) and refrigerate  them for about 2 hours at least. If you have the time, leave them overnight.

In a pan over medium heat, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil, and add the burgers, cooking them for about 2-4 minutes on each side, until crispy and cooked through.

New Album (week1 recordings)part 2

Well today was Marshs last chance in the studio. He had been told to be there for 11Am but as usual he was late, but this time it wasn’t Rocksey who was waiting for Marsh it was Senor Penguino ! ! ! ! . Penguino could be tolerant and forgiving but Marshs escapades this week had erased all forgiveness from Penguinos mind. Penguino was sat in the studio lights on in the recording booth and only one spotlight on the recording desk in the studio. He twirled a pencil in his fingers awaiting Marsh, muttering to himself “I knew this was a bad idea”

Finally 45 minutes late the door burst open and in fell Marsh, “you’ve been drinking again” Penguinos voice coming out of all the monitors in this studio “NO” was Marshs response…  Right then lets do take 1 “92 in the shade” you’re ready “yes” was the response. It wasn’t long before they were on take 18 Marsh was fumbling and missing beats left right and centre (strange as he can play the piano) Penguino was now shouting at Marsh like a drill sergeant major. To which Marsh was impervious, he thought things were going great and that they had completed 4 songs already.

Ten Minute break Penguino announced, he got out of his chair and left the studio. Marsh saw the door open and close and immediately opened the music bag he had brought in with him. Now sitting in the corner of the studio Marsh opened his first can of lager and a bottle of white wine, gulping from both one after another Marsh could feel the cool liquid settling his nerves, unfortunately Marsh isn’t a person who know when to stop and unfortunately Penguinos 10 minutes were actually 35. By the time Penguino returned to the studio Marsh had drank 3 bottles of wine 5 cans of lager and 1/4 bottle of gin.! !  ! ! And to anyone looking it seemed all the bones from Marshs body had been removed as he now resemble Mr Wobble.

Penguino found Marsh curled up behind the drum kit phone in hand calling home the line was connected but just the answerphone bleeps could be heard (Melody was still in the US “Thats it” Penguino shouted his words even managed to echo in the sound deadened room, and summoning help loaded Marsh into a car with his teeny tiny suitcase and passport and drive him to the airport. On the 3 hour drive to the airport  Penguino had managed to book a flight , load the app on Marshes phone and download the boarding card.

Penguino knew Marsh wouldn’t look so wrote the flight number on Marshes hand and arranged for someone to get him to the boarding gate and on the plane. By the time they had reached the airport Marsh had come round Penguino said “all recorded” Marsh smiled self congratulating himself  for a job well done. Marsh boarded the flight without even looking at the destination helped by the assistance Penguino organised (Penguino didn’t want Marsh missing the plane) and sat back in his chair and relaxed knowing soon he could endulge in his favourite Gin & Tonics.

Penguino was on the phone to Rocksey ” he’s gone and on a plane we got nothing complete he’d been on the booze again” Rocksey replied “ok ok you were correct” i’ll see you in 6 days when I get back from the States. SP was off to meet  a hero of his John5 in LA and hopefully to wow him with his guitar handiwork – Rocksey had also wanted to go on this trip but as Kitten was due at the villa any time now he felt he couldn’t just up and leave especially with the chaos that Marsh had left behind – Rocksey most definitely didn’t want Kitten to think he had been on the beer all week!!

Marshs flight touched down on a dull drizzly night and he trudged towards passport control, straight through and to the awaiting drivers, There was his name on the board and he dutifully followed the driver. Marsh didn’t pay any attention to where they were going until they pulled up and Marsh read the sign, his worst nightmare had come true he’d been booked into rehab. The car door opened and two male orderlys escorted Marsh into the centre and to his room. Marsh head in hands it had come to this as he reached into his travel bag and pulled out a 6 pack of lager sipping from the 1st can he wondered how much it would cost to bribe the orderly to keep him supplied……..

Reliving our youth

With Rocksey now reliving his wasted youth in Malaga with his 14 year old ( in spirit mostly) side kicks SP and Marsh  acting like they had been let loose on their first school trip, Melody, Suki and myself had been left to our own devices!! However, this hadn’t meant acting like a provisional Hen party running round town knocking back as many  fluorescent   pink shots as we could before closing time nor had we decided to be a bit up market and spend the day at Spa sipping Champagne, eyeing up the lifeguard no the three of us weren’t even together in person ( although there had been plenty of text messages backwards and forwards during the course of the afternoon). The reason for this , as guardians of 3 hyperactive flawed geniuses, some down time in the guise of complete solitude was needed before Suki and I jetted off to join the party next week . Melody was in Florida  to discuss her new book deal and close the deal on an apartment that had  been owned by Veronica Lake.

I had spent most of the weekend in the company of The Baron and Missy  which had been lovely but as all mums know waving a way their adult off-spring although tinged with sadness also allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet even more – compounded with the absence of Rocksey I was happy to make myself a cup of Bluebird Melon tea ( a gift from Missy which was most welcome) and find a book and a quiet spot in the garden to while away a few hours.

The thing about peace and quiet is that when you crave it you don’t get it and when you finally get it, well the silence is deafening ( you know Rocksey can be quite loud!). Having had 2 phone calls from him and a video and then further requests for vegan ice cream suppliers I decided that if I was going to get some peace and quiet I would have to turn the radio on.

So with an army of cushions, sun screen, sunglasses and a large G&T I slung everything in the hammock in the dappled shade of the middle patio and tuned in for my very favourite radio show –  The Sound of the ’70’s. This is a 2 hour show on a Sunday afternoon which plays….well you’ve guessed it ….music from the1970s. Of course, the large G&T the sway of the hammock and some of my favourite tunes and I dozed off.  Now sleeping in the sun is not a good thing, we’ve all done this, I see that Marsh did it this afternoon on the beach, Suki’s done it, Rocksey says he hasn’t but he fell asleep in the toilets at a Damned concert in 1979 ( and Boy THAT was loud) so I will safely assume he has also fallen asleep in the sun. SP also says he wouldn’t do anything that stupid but he let Rocksey video him twerking in a pair of speedos last summer and so I think that was probably more stupid than falling asleep in the sun…..Anyway I digress, slumbering in the sweltering heat of a June afternoon listening to Boz Skaggs, I was transported back to the summer of 1976 when I was 13. The Summer where the UK sweltered for 6 weeks ( yes I know)  and a plague of ladybirds ate everything in sight. As an awkward  tall skinny teenager I read the likes of teen magazines where Farah Fawcett Majors shone down from every newsstand with her lions mane of hair and sparkling white teeth and the girls from Abba sashayed across the TV every Saturday night. My friends older sisters were going to the Disco with their Afro hair and FFM flicks, platforms and maxi dresses smoking those pink cocktail cigarettes and meeting boys called Steve and Darren who drive ford cortinas and could dance like Les Gray. Oh me and my friends so wanted this glamorous lifestyle and , according to my friend Alison, the way to do this was to ‘GET A TAN’. Now getting a tan was easier said than done in the land locked town where we lived, 200 miles from the nearest beach with its cooling sea breezes. GETTING A TAN meant, that you had to do some pretty hardcore sunbathing in the back garden.Alison’s sister had a tanning mat which looked like a massive sheet of Bacofoil. The idea was we covered ourselves in olive oil ( bought in A teeny bottle from the pharmacy ) and then laid on the Bacofoil mat for 4 hours between the hours of 11-3 without moving . The Beauty page in Jackie said we should squeeze fresh lemons into our hair for natural highlights. –  well as no shop in the 70’s sold lemons we made do with a bottle of PLJ. The Bacofoil mat only  ever succeeded in Alison who was ginger, getting 3rd degree burns and her mother throwing the mat on her dads bonfire where the olive oil residue made it shoot out of the brazier like a flaming rocket setting fire to next doors washing; and for me? Well I would love to say my naturally dark brown hair turned as blonde as the blonde singer in Abba and attracted Steve or Darren’s younger brother but the PLJ made it a sticky mess which only attracted wasps, the Bacofoil just reflected off my blue tinged Persil white skin and did nothing except make me hot, sweaty and bad tempered.Alison and I fell out that summer and I spent the remaining school holidays lying in a sheet attached to the two apple trees in my granddads garden listening to Bos Scaggs and counting ladybirds. 

I woke with a start almost falling out of the hammock, Melody was on the phone from Florida telling me she had secured Veronica Lakes old apartment and the book deal had made her several millions dollars in sales. Now she was celebrating at her gay ex porn star friends villa in the hills where there were several hot body guards and a tray of fluorescent pink shots had just been handed to her. 

A ladybird landed on my knee,  Blondies Denis Denis came on the Radio and I was transported back to 1979 and that fateful meeting with Rocksey…… know the power of music is surely a great thing ! 

Celebrating English Eccentricity 

Melody had been looking forward to attending the Euro Trash spectacle of the year in Ukraine for months now and Marsh had been plucking up the courage to tell her he didn’t want to go, not because he didn’t appreciate Euro pop songs ( he does have several Venga Boys albums in his vast collection Rocksey told me )  he was scared to death of  Russians ( particularly after an incident in Dubai with a Russian Prostitute called Olga which ended up with Marsh parting with a serious amount of cash for a ‘night to remember’ but as he drank so many zambuca shots he woke  up with a headache that lasted for 2 weeks and a nasty little rash which even a hefty course of Anti-biotics couldn’t shift). Although Melody told him ( patiently at first and then with less diplomacy) that the Ukraine was not now part of Russia and that no one was going to poison him with an umbrella tip or throw him from the top floor of a multi-storey car park –  he point blankly refused to go . Melody thus stormed off with her best Euro gay friend in tow threatening Divorce at every step on to the private plane ( laid on by the book publishers who were also celebrating Melody’s latest ‘who dunnit’ shifting over a million copies –  funnily enough the main plot of the thriller was based on a Russian Protitute living in Dubai…..there’s nothing as strange as fiction mirroring real life I mused whilst watching Marsh scratch absent-mindedly whilst discussing his change of plans with Rocksey).

Rocksey and I had been invited to a different event on Saturday, no less glamorous than Eurovision, it was the 12th National Dance event held in our City which was a celebration of English Eccentricity – or a union of Morris Men and Women descending on the City and dancing their little bells, clogs and sticks off to the amusement of locals and tourists alike. Since the finding of King Richard III in a car park in the town and his subsequent internment at the cathedral, the City has become a tourist attraction second to only London and Oxford on the Japanese tourist circuit. As Rocksey is ( still) a bit of a celebrity figure in the Far East he can be found strutting his peacock suit around the City walls smiling , pouting or growling for a million selfies with grinning Japanese tourists and appearing on as many Instagram feeds.

However, today was different as Rocksey was going to be a Judge of the dancing and leaving the actualities of the dancing to those who actually know what they are doing. –  a stick the size and weight of a baseball bat and some intricate steps needs practice in order not to bash your partners head in with it after a ballet style twirl! Rocksey was collecting material for his forthcoming video – a cover of Grand Funk Central’s ‘American Band’ and wanted some fresh ideas for incorporation into the video.  As we headed off to watch the merriment, me pulling Rocksey towards a group of Border Morris dancers who looked intriguing with their pheasant strewn hats and purple and black attire, I caught sight of SP and Suzy amongst the crowd.  SP looked suspiciously like he was wearing a white Morris dancers costume ( although it could have just been a white cat suit – he had suddenly got heavily into wearing 1970’s style clothes and it was Eurovision day after all perhaps it was his homage to Abba? ).

The afternoon progressed, Rocksey soon tired of moving around the different areas where the dancers were dotted around the centre of town and settled himself on a bench by the Cathedral where each group of dancers eventually ended up before the final ‘Dance Off’ in the Jubilee Square. My enthusiasm held no bounds though and armed with my camera I left Rocksey to it and moved around the town snapping pic and after pic of the most bizarre people I could find-  however in in mind,  I had decided to be the main Sleuth in Melody’s latest Thriller and was actually trying to track down the suspisiously dressed SP.

At 4pm the dancers congregated in the main square ready for the judging and the final Dance off. Before the winners were announced, we were given an impromptu dance of men bizarrely dressed as animals, dragons and other mythical creatures whose costumes glittered in the afternoon sunshine. Again, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the white cat suit now ensconced underneath a black cloak with a glittering gold lining. A tap on my shoulder and Suky was by my side. What’s going on? She asked lookingwide eyed in amazement at the dragons breathing fire at several pantomime horses. As I told her, her eyes got wider and a look of horror crossed her face. Rocksey is doing the judging shhhh I said nodding over in his direction where Rocksey was sat on a small throne with the City Mayor and the Master of ceremonies flanking his sides.

Oh no , oh no I heard her whisper to herself and looking frantically around- What? I stage whispered back and then following her gaze found myself watching SP taking his place  in the centre of 7 Morris men all dressed in white with bells around their knees and hankies held aloft ready to start their dance. SP was not dressed as a homage to Abba as I first thought, but with a black wig on and rhinestone sunglasses  he was actually dressed as Elvis. What does he think he’s doing? I nudged Suky and then glanced over to Rocksey -oblivious to the debacle unfolding in front of him , he was chatting amicably to the chaps in purple and black who I had chased around after earlier.  He thought it was Rocksey directing his video –  for American Band – Rocksey told him he wanted some Elvis impersonators in it, Suky stuttered as the accordian started up  – SP saw lots of men in white costumes and thought that Rocksey had hired in an Elvis impersonation contingent……….As SP shrugged off his black and gold cloak revealing the biggest ruby studded leather belt around his hips which he was about to start swaying , I automatically pressed the record button on my camera catching him starting off his first hip shake before suddenly realising that his fellow dancers were not going to join in a line dance of Jailhouse Rock but a full bodied Floral Dance with hankies a fluttering, SP howled and dashed off into the melange of dragons and mythical creatures who had set up a stand on the other side of the Square selling mystical paraphernalia. I don’t think anyone has noticed – I hiss at Suky, Rocksey certainly hadn’t, although he was now sitting on the throne withe most enormous hat of pheasant feathers and skulls adorninghis head smiling and waving his hands in regal formation.

After the final of the dance off and the winners revealed, Rocksey saunters over sans said hat ( which had been reclaimed by its rightful owner), I have my ideas all wrapped up fro my video – he grins excitedly, the Morris men have agreed to dance for it but I still need an Elvis  –  not sure where I am going to get one from though or how it’ll work. Don’t worry babe, I say pointing at my Nikon bag – its in the bag…….

SuMMER 2017

img_1574Well its been a week or two since we saw Marsh & melody… But it seems Rocksey and Marsh have been busy organising things. Me and Rocksey go on to our Spanish finca  for4 weeks during the summer, but this year Rocksey said he wanted a week either side to write songs. ! ! ! ..

But it turns out Him and Marsh are going out for the first week. Now marsh and Melody only ot 5*+ but he’s going out with Rocksey to stay in our Finca in the hills. Rocksey says Marsh can help with his solo album hes writing “Bandidos Dios Y El Diablo”  he can play the tambourine and maracas he states.


Now the last time Marsh & Rocksey went away was to Istanbul and its a few years ago now. Rocksey was celebrating his divorce from the WITCH ! ! ! ! And spending some of the money him and the accountant had managed to hide away from the courts.

It was only night 2 and Rocksey SP and marsh had gone out early , they had found a Bar with a shish pipes which has SP as happy as. While watching the world pass by Rocksey sees Marsh skuttling across the floor, as his head appears above the table  Rocksey asks WTF are you up to Marsh responds look what ive found showing a green lump in his hand.

Throw it away Rocksey says No way says marsh, Now this comotion has attracted the attention of SP “what you got ?” Marsh shows him , now SP isnt known for speed but he could have beaten a Leopard with his reactions removing the green lump from Marsh’s hand and putting a clump in his pipe. Whats it like asked marsh, SP didnt answer as his eyes glazed over . Marsh hadnt a pipe or rolling papers so he just ATE yes ATE it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Rocksey shook his head and ordered himself another beer knowing he was on his own this night . Putting his heels on the low table Rocksey now watched the world spin past Marsh in ever decreasing circles SP was in a MELLOW world of his own But MARSH well he was bouncing off the walls with his normal exuberance. With the same effect as a child throwing a power ball against the floor.

Marsh suggested a trip to the local Club Rocksey didnt want but Marsh insisted on checking with SP who said “it cool its cool” Rocksey & Marsh set off. Now Rockseyonew nothing good could come from this night. Just as they rounded the corner The Bus to the centre of town was in so Rocksey ran and jumped on holding on to the bar in the rear door Rocksey turned to see Marsh sort of running yes sort of running. It was the first time Rocksey had seen anyon running in SLOW MOTION and yes Marsh was running in slow motion just like the 6 million dollar man but much much slower, the whole bus was now watching as marsh mad the 40 mtr dash last moe than 3 minutes with each step he seemed to get sower and slower with his arms getting wilder and wilder, eventually he looked just like monty python minestry of silly walks. Rocksey stepped off the bus and spun Marsh in the direction of the hotel.

On arriving on the Hotel marsh got the room keys and led the bouncing Marsh towards the escalators. Youll be on on these he asked, no one but an alien would have understood the babbling that came from Marsh but Rocksey took that as a yes. Now Rocksey stepped onto the up escalator as Marsh started trying to run up the down escalator a race he would never win.

Patience has never been a number 1 trait of Rockseys but this time he excelled himself standing at the top of the escalator as Marsh kept on trying and trying. You had to admire him. Now 10 or 15 minutes passed and Rocksey decided to assist Marsh, so in normal style Rocksey phoned front desk and asked them to assist the lunatic to his room.

Rocksey tipped the bell boy and decided to leave Marsh where he fell. So putting late night with Letterman on the Tv and opening a bottle of Bud Rocksey sat back  in the chair, toasting Marsh for another entertaining night out……. WHAT COULD GO WRONG NEXT SUMMER I ASK